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Impression of The Month: Advertising Photography

   Summer – what everyone, i.e. the vast majority of us, immediately think of is annual vacations, travel, sea and mountain, enjoyment. I definitely belong to that group of people, but this year's…

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A Photographer's Diary: Love Is In The Air

   Love is in the air – we should always feel it in the air, everywhere around us and it shouldn't just be a phrase, really. A few printed pages in the diary of a professional photographer describe…

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A Photographer’s Diary: Outdoor Photography

   For the first working day after the Christmas holidays of the current year, a photo shoot of the apartment on Kopaonik is scheduled in the photographer's diary. The magic of winter holidays thus…

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The Role of Nature in The Process of Creation: Daylight and Photography

   The process of creating a photography without a light source is not possible. As its basic element, light, not only influences on the creation of a photographic work, but it builds its story according…

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