About photography

The most important role of photography is to enabling for generic memorisation of certain representation. Memorisation of certain representation is possible also in other art media, nevertheless photographer’s realistic quality should be in consideration.

One of the most important representation, since origin of civilization until these days, is a human imagery. Along generic development of civilization human personality has been developing too. In the period of new age, it had been beging to developed of modern individuality of each person. Shaped conscience of owning a self enables to photography for exploration of all person’s qualities and characteristics. Nevertheless, it should be accented that in professional photography there are no already established terms as “being photogenic“ or “not being photogenic“. Namely, every person have certain qualities that whom are been determinated. Likewise, also important fact in progress of recording a person is photographer’s personality.

Beside memorization of individual, begining of memorisation of whole family started with rising of civic’s class in XIX century. Family as a background of each person and as a column of each society, it should be had a great important in life of each individual. Portraitisting of family with its members relationships contributes to better constitution and better consolidation of family’s valuations and to their transmission to subsequentlies generations.

By affirmation of family’s photography in serbian’s art market wish is to better constitution and better consolidation of family’s valuations whose modern life has been posed on less important places. With family photography also for own professional destination it has been emphasised on portraiture of individuals.