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- Portrait photography -


   One of the most important roles of photography is to enable it to generally store a particular image. Memorization of given sight is also possible through other art media, but photographic realistic recording should be taken into account. One of the most important representations for the needs of general memorization, public and private, from the beginning of civilization until today, is the human figure. Along with the general development of civilization, the human personality also developed. Thus, in the period of the new age, the formation and development of the modern individuality of each individual took place. The formed awareness of owning one's own, that is, one's own personality, photography with its realistic feature enables research in the manifestation of all the characteristics and characters of each individual. In this regard, it should be emphasized with extreme care that in professional photography there is no already well-established term "photogenicity", ie "non-photogenicity". Namely, each individual, within his personality, carries certain characteristics that determine him, possesses and radiates beauty in his own way. In addition, the very personality of the photographer and his creativity during photography contributes to the reading of these characteristics of the portrayed and strives for their better expression and recording, which shows individuality through photographic portraits in its best way. Also, the individuality of the individual is expressed in group portraits, where the emphasis is placed on the mutual relationship of the portrayed and their mutual relations.

   In addition to classic portraits, business and corporate portraits play a very important role in modern times. Namely, every person at a certain age of his life focuses on his professional life, thus developing his business side of personality. The business portrait visually represents the person in the best light for the needs of the modern business society that the modern age imposes. Photographing for the needs of a CV, internet presentation of a company or social networks, which are focused on business promotion, shapes photos of a business portrait with its arrangements, thus offering the best presentation of a businessman.

   In addition to memorizing individual individuals, visual memorization of the family appears with the emergence and development of the bourgeoisie as early as the 19th century. Namely, the family as the background of every person and the pillar of every society is of great importance in the life of every individual. Memorizing the entire family, all its members and their mutual relations, contributes to better consolidation, and in addition, better regulation of certain family values, as well as their transmission to future generations. By affirming family photography, the aim is to better establish and organize the system of family values, which, somehow, has overthrown the modern way of life in some less important places.


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                                                                    The first solo exhibition „Mirror of self”


- Photography and Culture -


   Photography, with its role as a documentary, memorizes, preserves, testifies and transmits information about personalities, objects and events from everyday life, such as cultural events, theater performances and exhibitions. Cultural events not only inform, they stimulate and inspire both the professional and the general public. They are an integral part of the human soul and are part of his cultural everyday life.

   Theatrical photography and photography of exhibition settings enable performances and exhibitions to make a visual note, which means that they are primarily remembered and kept from being forgotten. In addition to the documentary, photography also plays a big role in the propaganda race, where it helps with its visual presentation in their representation and popularization.

   In his work, photography touches with the theatrical art itself and the art that is included and that is manifested in the exhibition settings because it shows the expression and style, theme, artistic skills, the entire artistic range of the play and exhibition. In addition to the great role of the entire team, which is credited for creating the exhibition and performing the theater play, the photographer himself, his personality, creativity and artistic affinities are also responsible for their visual memorization.


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                                                         Kadri Özcan „Overcoat“, Festival of monodrama and mime


- Advertising Photography -


   Social development in the 19th century influenced the development of photographic genres and their wider use. The development of consumer culture enabled the breakthrough of the photographic medium into the sphere of advertising and mass exposure of information, into the world of propaganda. Namely, with the appearance of the first advertisements that also contained a visual display, photography became a medium with the help of which the goods were popularized and placed on the market, thus gaining the generally accepted term advertising photography. Thus, it became an indispensable part of mass culture.

   Advertising photography uses other photographic genres for its performance. It combines portraits, fashion, architecture, nature, still lifes, food and then packs them into a specific context and form of advertising. As advertisements underwent modification and a certain degree of complexity with the development of global marketing, so did advertising photography develop and modify. From the appearance of the first advertisements in the press, through the first posters, billboards, brochures and flyers to billboards and modern internet marketing.

   For a successfully realized advertisement, the photo corresponds to the idea, style and message of the advertiser. The client of the advertisement, the person who represents a brand, ie a business idea or a certain product, together with the creative team and the photographer, comes to a solution and its successful realization. From the idea to the connotation, the combination of genre and style, the choice of location and technical realization, good advertising photography goes through the process of completing the content to its final product. The mind of the entire creative team determines the course of the process.

   The final product of the advertising photo contains a connoted message of the image, which is crucial when reading and understanding it. Communicating the meaning of a comprehensive advertising message to the consumer is crucial. Every successful advertisement is also a well-understood advertisement. That fact is the reason for all successful marketing campaigns.


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