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Because It Is A Lot of That: The Mounth of Theater Photography Because It Is A Lot of That: The Mounth of Theater Photography
That special air, light, atmosphere, speech and movements, music - a lot that makes it special, of course for those who love it and visit, for those who don't like it, there should be even the slightest incentive to get to know it and possibly love it. March is in the theater sign: March 20 - World Day Theater for Children, 21 March - Puppets, March 27 - World Theater Day! ❤️   Ah, that theater!Because it tells us about many things, real and unreal ...... and many times they simply "pull" us on the stage.Because it reveals to us and the deepest emotions ...... and thus we often connect with the characters and events.Because we play with them ...... while sometimes "stuck" in "dangerous scenes". Because many times and dance together ...... and when it is for the youngest it knows how to wake up and every child in us.Because it contains many elements, makeup and costume are just some of them in the service of theater art.Because there and dolls play an important role in front of a very demanding and inspiring audience. ❤️And because of all this, let it be more performances, well-known and unknown topics, historical and fictional characters, united scenographies and real spectacters, monodrama and musicals with multi-scored ensembles. Because the theater has that role to entertain and teach us, but also owns the power to drag us into some other reality, where we do not have any concerns, reality where someone else has a major role and tells their story - that's why theater love the most! ❤️
Love Is Where Home Is: Interior Photography Love Is Where Home Is: Interior Photography
The month of love brings a handful of very inspiring photo shoots. One such photograph, recorded in the diary of a photographer, is certainly interior photography. It always gives a lot of inspiration - joy is every time! ☺️Love is where it is home - it is certainly and not so important its size, design and equipment, its warmth that creates a sense of belonging, something that should feel when we get to his threshold, after long and a hard working day, after the business path, vacation and certainly after the crazy nightlife - there is a warm welcome, our oasis of happiness and peace.The home is where love is - absolutely, in this case, its quadrature is also not crucial, as well as expensive branded supplies, mutual relations and feelings are important which one interior makes the home. In it, it will be an understanding and support, enjoying common currents, joy and laughter, and unfortunately, sometimes concerns and sadness, problems that should definitely be overcome, because if it is true, she is invincible, love is absolutely worth the effort and sacrifice. It is a real happiness and the biggest wealth to find and edit home! ❤️Width and height, shapes and colors, different materials, everything is blended in the view that is the mirror of our way and style of life, treating what we should be most important to us. Whatever is in the first place for us, it should be spotted in the atmosphere by which the home exudes, its interior. Therefore, photograph interior is always a real pleasure, the source of different living stories that can leave some impression, perhaps some message and a trace - work for interior designers is a true satisfaction. ☺️
A Calendar Full of Wishes: Photography also in 2024 A Calendar Full of Wishes: Photography also in 2024
And we turned another circle, it seems every year faster and faster - the Earth must have sped up! So, the impressions of the year behind us are summed up and we hope for the realization of everything we imagined. Only with good luck and much needed will, the impossible will become possible, because miracles do happen! ☺️​ January - May we always be the leading one, both in our private and business life, and those real, characterful people who will constantly cheer us on and lead us to success! February - Let us compose the melody of our life ourselves and let the notes constantly float in the air, reminding us only of those beautiful and valuable things! March - Let's be ourselves and defy everything that disturbs our peace and happiness with a smile on our face!April - May we always be in good company!May - Let's decorate our interiour and hide in the pleasant atmosphere of our home!Jun - Let's rejoice like children, because they are honest and uncorrupted sweets that, with our support, should stay that way! July - To write only the good sides in the book of our life story! August - To enjoy in comfortable interiors on our new travels! September - Let's taste some new sweet experience!October - To find peace and pleasure in nature, to take care of it and spend as much time as possible in the treasures that have been given to us!November - To find the magic that will inspire us in everyday moments, to create our art of living! December - To visualize all fulfilled wishes for memories forever!And finally, let's toast to all the good things and hope for an even better new beginning - cheers! May you also create your own portrait of happiness in the new year, be in good company in which you will be mutual support, enjoy being snuggled up in your home, be successful in the job you really love! Spend time enjoying your favorite landscape, feed your spirituality with art and culture, find the magic that inspires you. Dream and hold on to your dreams, because they really come true! May the new year 2024 be happier and more carefree for everyone, a year that will be remembered by photography! ​❤️Happy Christmas and New Year holidays! 
 Your photographer Sanja Veljković
Impression of the month - theater photography Impression of the month - theater photography
December - the month of festive atmosphere and magic - in the diary of a photographer is completed with a shoot that deserves a lot of attention, photograph a theater performance - as always, a huge pleasure that satisfies love and happiness, so it is undoubtedly the impression of the month! ☺️ The play Do you remember and its premier performance in Vuk Theater provided great motivation, inspiration, as well as responsibility because photography, its medium, plays a major role in the formation of visual identity, the visual presentation of the play to the wider public, the entire marketing campaign - challenging, isn't it? ☺️ Actors, costumes, stage and scenography, lighting arrangements, all given elements are included in the creation of photographic compositions. On the one hand, it is easy when everything is given and it is up to the photographer to follow and respect the concept and its parameters, but there is also the other side that requires something more than that. Namely, concentration and speed are included in the first place, the two main qualities necessary for the creation of theater photography, then the analysis of the characters and their stories, the main themes of the play, its lessons and messages, without which one cannot create a good theater photography, representative one - a very dynamic and exciting process to which the personality of the photographer gives his stamp. ☺️ The performance Do you remember, its divas Ljiljana Blagojevic and Sonja Kolacaric, as well as the theme itself, provided great inspiration and support for her photography. The simple scenography conveyed the emphasis on the actresses themselves and their characters, mutual relationships and connections, as well as on the action, the entire atmosphere, which enabled their more intensive study and transfer to photographic media. The scene, interwoven with laughter, sadness and wonder, led to many thoughts during the photo shoot and after it. It is a great satisfaction and gratitude to be a part of something so, in a word, phenomenal - it is recommended for go to the theater! ❤️
Business Presentation: Business Portraits Business Presentation: Business Portraits
   And September has arrived – the last quarter of the year – in the diary of a photographer, a lot of recorded shootings of business portraits. It definitely represents a sign of returning, after a long, warm summer and annual vacations, to the work routine and catching up for a successful end of the year – may we all be lucky! ☺️                  A business portrait, with or without a smile, photographed on a light or dark background, in a photo studio or business space, presents the business side of the person portrayed, his work biography. He strives to radiate skill, casualness, professionalism, open-mindedness, collegiality – everything that a true business portrait should possess. It is a picture of our education, work experience and overall business, which in modern times aims to market successful work biographies, interviews, web presentations and profiles on social networks. It is our mirror and self-presentation. And when elegance, style and demeanor are combined, business rises to a completely new and higher level, so let the portrait shine. ☺️              Hard-working, diligent and representative, these are the characteristics of powerful professional presentations. At the photo shoot, you need to show self-confidence, expertise, as well as love for the work that is being done, that spark that drives and pushes towards new business victories and successes, because without it, it is difficult to reach professional heights. That's why it's extremely important to find yourself and love your job, fight for it, and then success must be guaranteed – it must! ❤️ And it doesn't matter what industry we are from, whether we are IT or a banker, we are all in our own way, a profession that has its own unique business portrait – a mirror of business presentation in the best possible light!
Big Game: Advertising Photography Big Game: Advertising Photography
Advertising – marketing – surrounds and follows us everywhere, everyday life is unimaginable without it. As a consumer society and as it has a need for it, whether in print or web format, it seems to be the age of marketing melagomania. One of the media that artistically supports marketing is photography. Advertising photography, in itself quite complex, requires special attention, as well as a well-developed methodology in the work. Her basic and most important task is the visual presentation of a specific brand or business idea in the best and most attractive light, their best possible marketing. For the purposes of that goal, it is necessary that it correspond with a certain idea, style and message. It seems like a very complex process, doesn't it? But believe me, the temptation is strong. ☺️ For a successful marketing, photograph of a new brand was contracted. Pharaon Gin – a fusion of Serbian and Egyptian culture, with recipes and products from our climate and names made up of the names of pharaohs of ancient Egypt. A very interesting and inspiring story that led to an endlessly great game during photography. There was no end to the imagination – Cleopatra, Ramses II and King Tut are an incredible source of inspiration, as well as with the help of the client who listened to all the advice and with full confidence gave the green light to all the emerging ideas – the game could begin, exciting, right? ☺️ Cleopatra – the ruler and the last Egyptian pharaoh, who justified her rule with her personality and skills, while proving her equal ability on the throne in a rather male world – is undoubtedly a great inspiration for many researchers and artists. ☺️ Ramesses II, known as Ramesses the Great – numerous temples, monuments, murals are proof of his lavish construction campaign, thus presenting himself as the ruler of ancient Egypt who used art for propaganda purposes and in the service of his ruling and political power – gave impetus to a more dynamic and charismatic style. ☺️ King Tut – the boy king who fascinated the world public with the discovery of his tomb, the famous Tutankhamun's in Egypt's Valley of the Kings, as well as his mummy with a golden mask, while his short reign inspired many humanities researchers to study his life – definitely motivates us artists to be creative . ☺️ Working in the studio, in the field, with and without props – advertising photography represents an inexhaustible source of imagination, which is contributed by inspiration from the brand itself, its ideas and messages. Pharaon Gin and his three pharaohs, Cleopatra, Ramses II and King Tut, provided great play and satisfaction in their work, while their patron, i.e. the client, gave a significant contribution and support in the realization of advertising photography, with the aspiration to be as good and successful as possible placement on the market – it's real happiness to play at work – it was worth the effort! ❤️
Our Representative: Photography and Museology Our Representative: Photography and Museology
Galleries, museums, exhibitions – for some, they may be a boring association and not attractive enough to visit, but those for whom they are the exact opposite of that know very well the actual value of their existence and visiting itself. Behind every exhibit stands museology, a science whose task is to preserve, nurture and present the heritage of a nation. In this regard, its universal role in society is indisputable – it studies and educates, it is its representative on a global level. The Magic of Pirot Carpets in Belgrade's Silos marked the beginning of this year's summer. One of the very rich and conceptually interesting exhibitions, enriched the cultural scene of a city that was already longing for annual vacations. The authors of the exhibition (Leonora Vekić, Ph.D., Zlatko Cvetković, Ph.D.), as well as the entire team that realized it, introduced us to the given topic and brought us closer to a part of the heritage that was and still is for a long time part of our everyday life. Presentation of an exhibition through photographic media requires certain elements that it should necessarily contain. In its visual form, it needs to follow the theme, objects, shapes, colors and materials, the concept and design of the setting, the overall atmosphere, as well as the architecture of the interior in which the exhibition is held. Thus, photography of exhibition settings is equivalent to photography of interiors, but with emphasis on a museological approach and treatment of a specific theme. Through the play of frames, angles, light and shadow, and with respect and use of the given elements of a certain exhibition setting, the photographer also contributes to its visual memorization. The Magic of Pirot Carpets exhibition, with its concept and design, made the photography itself much easier, and thus its visualization. Rich in objects and the design of the setting, it offered countless possibilities for framing, while the characteristic architecture of Silos and their peculiar interior allowed for its continuous play – inspiration never ends! ☺️ The reading and visual memorization of the exhibition this time came a little from the perspective of the photographer, a little of the art historian, and a little from the perspective of the audience, observers from all social spheres, that is, the broadest public for whom the exhibitions are normally conceived and staged. Therefore, it is necessary to bring the topic closer to each individual, to present it, to inform and explain it – and the topic, we may like it or not, it is certainly our representative and is certainly worth looking at, thereby keeping it from being forgotten! ❤️
Time Break: Photography and Summer Time Break: Photography and Summer
Throughout the year, day by day, we are surrounded by numerous obligations, situations, and challenges. Sometimes they are easy and with a happy ending, while, unfortunately, life follows some steeper roads. From day to day, the life cycle showers us with tasks that need to be done – work, school, many business and private obligations require us to be constantly engaged – it creates the impression that everything somehow turns in a circle! Oh, that sea! Budva, Montenegro And more than the sea itself! Perast, Montenegro Happiness is greater than the mountain, even in summer, always! Kopaonik, Serbia Mountain life, priceless! Kopaonik, Serbia Various responsibilities definitely drain energy of all of us. A time break is definitely unavoidable in certain situations. Whenever we feel it, it is worth stopping and taking a breath. Summer gives us the most space for that. It is only necessary to choose a side and go, relax and enjoy, of course, to whom, where and as much as it pleases, and according to the general possibilities. ☺️ And again, happiness is greater than the mountain, even in summer, always! Tara, Serbia Peace, priceless! Tara, Serbia Here you go, we are waiting for you! Stockholm, Sweden City break! Stockholm, Sweden Because we all have to rest from our obligations and we are all, at most, in the summer months, even if only in our thoughts, somewhere on a beach, glade, forest or new urban areas. It is certainly necessary to recharge the batteries for all the new tasks that the last quarter of the current year brings us. ❤️
Impression of The Month: Theater Photography Impression of The Month: Theater Photography
June 2023 – a handful of scheduled photo shoots in the domain of culture and art in the diary of one photographer. It is really a great pleasure to work then, and most of all it is invigorating, both for the mind and the soul. Undoubtedly, the premier of the children's opera Ivica and Marica by Englbert Humperdinck, in the Pinocchio puppet theater, performed by students of the Opera Studio of the Department of Solo Singing at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, undoubtedly stands out, and thus certainly becomes the impression of the month of June. ☺️ When you go to shoot photography with the status of first love, certain emotions are present without any dilemma that make the work even easier and more beautiful. Excitement and anticipation of new characters, stories, scenography and general theatricality are just some of them. The feeling when you watch a performance through the viewfinder of a camera is equated with participating in it, as if you are a part of it, you walk, dance, run along with the actors, talk, and even sing with them, like in the opera Ivica and Marica with outstanding students of the Department's Opera Studio for solo singing at the Faculty of Music. They bring you absolutely into the story, you share the atmosphere and sympathize with them, you have to, frame asks you to, in the case of a good photo, a really, really good one, you need to breathe with them – that's why it's love, a huge love that always responds with joy, it is priceless to have such love in business, isn't it? Oh, that theater photography! ❤️ The multitude of voices still float in the air, the multitude of performed steps still pulsate on the boards that mean life. The opera Ivica and Marica is for ages 6 to 11, but of course it can touch every child in us, it brings us back to our childhood and we leave the hall with a smile, relaxed and relieved at least for a moment. Thank them for that! ❤️
Impression of The Month: Concert Photography Impression of The Month: Concert Photography
Music – a supporting element of everyday life, in any form and any kind of it, it seems that life is unimaginable without it. Thus, photographing the Forza Indomita concert, held on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Brazil's independence at the Svilara Cultural Station in Novi Sad, and organized by the TEMA Theater Music Association and the Embassy of Brazil in Belgrade, becomes an unparalleled impression of the month of May. ☺️ Photographing a concert is slightly different from, for example, theater photography. In both cases, the emphasis is on the stage, the participants – artists, their expression, as well as the scenography. Art then strives to reach maximum expression, and thus requires its visual recording in the best light. Art that uses tones as the main means of its expression, makes it impossible to visualize it as such, whereby the main focus is transferred to recording the portraits of the performers themselves, i.e. musicians, their expressions, the entire corporal rhetoric, as well as musical instruments, their most important accessory – to package and evoke the tone, voice and rhythm, as well as the comprehensive atmosphere in a photographic frame, thereby becoming the most important task of concert photography – inspiring and exciting, isn't it? ☺️ Oh, that music! It can be slow and fast, sad and happy, it has the power to trigger all kinds of things in us, tears and laughter, the power to remember some events and recall them by the tracks that accompanied them. It expresses certain stories and attitudes, emotions and moods, just like a theatrical performance, through sound, tone and voice. She's as catchy as we let her be. We are touched by how close we get to her. And the participants of the Forza Indomita concert donated it generously and selflessly. Their derivative notes are still in the air, fluttering and alluding to some more beautiful and carefree times, with a more cherished value system and more style – it is priceless to feel! ❤️
A photographer’s Diary: Nature and Photography A photographer’s Diary: Nature and Photography
It could be said that modern times and fast lifestyles have unfortunately distanced us. Too much haste, worry, preoccupation, the development of modern technologies, as well as carelessness, contributed to not paying enough attention to the environment that surrounds us. One unfortunate circumstance that affected the whole world, that crazy year of 2020, brought back the hope that we are slowly returning to nature, staying in its beauty and enjoying its gifts – happiness in misfortune! ☺️ Ovcar-Kablar Gorge Kopaonik Beograd Beograd Mountains and plains, seas, rivers and lakes, forests and glades – the nature that we choose according to our will and sensibility – unconditionally and selflessly provides what is most important for man and his life on Earth. Thus, its clean air, as well as its clean water, its healthy fruits, miracles for all human senses, simply must be in the focus of our interests and consciousness, to take care of and nurture it. We live in it, we live with it. We can't do without her! ❤️ Beograd Tara Beograd Beograd Thus, let there be as many trees and flowers as possible, the chirping of birds, magnificent animals such as deer among conifers, natural magic both in landscapes and in cities, so that we listen and follow the rhythm of nature itself, because it is changeable and definitely unpredictable – it knows how sometimes surprises us, as surprised us with the April snow this year, and certainly our cutes muzzles too – it is the power and strength of nature that disarms us completely, while on the other hand it seems to amaze us again and again. ☺️ And it is probably unnecessary to add and accumulate more words because it is enough to emphasize that nature simply must be preserved, which should not be considered a cliché or a mere boring lecture on geography and ecology – we are part of it and it is part of us, nature gives us a lot and thus she owes us, we have to repay her – we have no excuse! ❤️
Impression of The Month: Hop and Again on Kop - Interior Photography Impression of The Month: Hop and Again on Kop - Interior Photography
In the photographer's diary, since the beginning of the current year 2023, there are a lot of recorded interior photography. One thing definitely stands out – the photo shoot of the Pano apartment on the beloved Kopaonik Mountain – without a doubt, it became the impression of the month of March! ☺️ Kopaonik, so exciting and dynamic, beautiful among the mountains, loved since childhood and many days spent on excursions. Ah, that natural beauty, countless corners to visit and explore, sports and active vacations, enjoyment during all four seasons. And if it is followed by a job that leads to it, such as hiring a professional photographer on this occasion, then it is a double pleasure – joy every time! When it comes to a photography of an apartment for rent, it simply has to welcome, attract and win – immediately lead to booking a stay! As with any interior, for the visual presentation of the interior of the apartment, all its existing elements are included, both the architecture and its forms, the concept of space and the layout of the rooms, as well as its equipment, furniture and materials. By combining them in a game of angles and compositional solutions, the aim was also this time to present the interior of the Pano apartment in the best and most representative light. In addition to architecture, the interior's touch with the natural environment has significant value. When looking at the accommodation, many people pay extra attention to the environment that surrounds it, as well as the interaction with it – whether the apartment has access to the terrace and what the view is like is of crucial importance for someone. Is it really that important and necessary? Undoubtedly, it is nice to have your own corner in the clean mountain air where you can drink your morning coffee in a homely atmosphere and is certainly an additional plus, while it increases the attractive value of the apartment itself and its interior and ensures real enjoyment for your stay. And we’ll definitely go outside – spending time in the beauty that nature has given us is undeniable! ☺️ Interior photographs of the Pano apartment try to show first of all its architectural whole, the play of its elements and shapes, then to emphasize the functionality, the feeling of coziness and comfort with an extremely pleasant and warm atmosphere, as well as the abundance of daylight, all of which represent a modern mountain apartment which is worth booking – countless satisfied guests – this is another occasion that additionally causes satisfaction and motivation in work – interior photography. ❤️
Impression of The Month: Love and Photography Impression of The Month: Love and Photography
It's the month of love and the famous Valentine's Day is approaching. This story is dedicated not only to soul mates in love and their holiday, but also to everything that fulfills us and makes us happy, because all that is loved is love! ❤️ Love for family – the basis of everything. You can't choose, it's God-given, that's why you need to keep it, take care of it, love it – it's real wealth! ❤️ Love is in the air – everyone should experience it, love and be loved! Let all days of the year become Valentine's Day. ❤️ Who has them knows everything, love is huge. ❤️ They are the decoration of any space, interior and exterior, home, office, city square or park. Many are lovers of flowers, they give them care and attention, they relax by observing them. They enhance the space of my studio, and your business space? ☺️ Love is also nature. She is part of us, we are part of her. She has given us a lot and continues to do so. Oh, that clean air, the land, those smells and colors – it's enough to spend at least one day in it to invigorate yourself for a long period. She must be loved and cherished, how could she not, right? ❤️ Booking, packing, departure – synonyms for one word – travel. For many it is love, it is for sure mine. ❤️ Maybe it's a little understandable when you hear that someone doesn't like it, for one reason or another, but travel definitely provides countless reasons for happiness and enjoyment. I look forward to it every time! ☺️ Oh, that blue sea, its smell, the sun and good weather – love, definitely! ❤️ Oh, that mountain, that air from its heights that blows, both in summer and in winter, offers so much – it's love too! ❤️ Belgrade, Trebinje, Ljubljana, Prague, Barcelona, the list is long and endless, and all of them have one thing in common – they are all someone's hometown. They’re loved at all costs, they are a part of us and we carry it wherever the road takes us. Belgrade is forever mine! ❤️ Which city is in your heart? We all love food, to a greater or lesser extent, we can't live without it. Someone prepares it while someone else just eats it, we enjoy it for sure. The only question is, do we like dishes? Or maybe sweets? Feel free to choose a side, rush in and enjoy, but in moderation, because you should love and take care of your health as well. ❤️ For some, theater is love. Going to the theater is not just a pastime, it is much more than that. It is undeniable that it can entertain a person, brighten his day, but also with its didactic and cultural role, it also provides an elevation of the state of mind and spirit – priceless! ❤️ And love can also be shopping, which is a favorite activity for many. Whether it is out of necessity or as a pastime, many pay special attention to it – with or without a list, everyone looks forward to shopping, when are we going to shopping? ☺️ Photography – for a professional photographer is definitely love, work, life! ❤️ For some, writing is also love, with the exception of professional writers for whom it is understood that it is – it should be – among other things, it can provide an escape from everyday life and its discomforts, so with its healing properties, it is often recommended for therapeutic purposes. Very useful love! ☺️ And the list of love is long, anything else can be added to it, there are various types of love and nobody knows their number, but one thing is certain, love is everything and everywhere, it is an inseparable part of our life, that's why we should love it too – then let every day of the year be a day of love. ❤️
Calendar Full of Wishes: Photography also in 2023 Calendar Full of Wishes: Photography also in 2023
And in the new year, let the list of wishes be a list of valuables – health in the first place, then much more love and success in business– simply let the new year shine for all of us! ☺️ January – Let's be ourselves! February – Let's create our lifestyle! March – Let's grow in our business! April – To love and be loved – as much more love and tenderness! May – To embrace what is ours! June – Let's snuggle up in the warmth of our home! July – Let excitement accompany us! Avgust – Let be much more music and dancing! September – May we travel as much as possible and may everyone find their light at the end of the tunnel! October – Let friendship rules in our world! November – To create our art of living! December – To be the main characters in the fairy tale called life! P.S. and at the end, it's not out of the question to get some drinks for a toast, to enjoy ourselves – long live! ☺️ In the new year, create your own portrait of happiness, be in the arms of your loved ones, their support and support, be snuggled up in your interior, do a job you really love, take courage if you haven't already – I did, it was worth it! ☺️ Spend time and enjoy your favorite landscape, feed your spirituality with art and culture, find the undiscovered for you. May the new year 2023 be happier for everyone, filled with photographic frames that will memorize and package it forever! ❤️ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Your photographer Sanja Veljkovic
Impression of The Month: Theater Photography Impression of The Month: Theater Photography
November 2022 – another month in a row full of love! Oh, that theater photography - never the same and never boring, full of inspiration and excitement. In the photographer's diary that month was noted down a four-day engagement for photograph the festival of puppet plays, this time The 53rd Meeting of Professional Puppet Theaters of Serbia at Puppet Theater Pinocchio – an engagement that once again confirmed the realization of a dream – it's worth dreaming and wishing, you must do, it paid off for me, truly! ☺️ The 53rd Meeting of Professional Puppet Theaters of Serbia The 53rd Meeting of Professional Puppet Theaters of Serbia The 53rd Meeting of Professional Puppet Theaters of Serbia The 53rd Meeting of Professional Puppet Theaters of Serbia The 53rd Meeting of Professional Puppet Theaters of Serbia The 53rd Meeting of Professional Puppet Theaters of Serbia Perhaps words are no longer needed here, the photos certainly speak for themselves, but it is doubtless not out of place to talk about them. The 53rd Meeting of Professional Puppet Theaters of Serbia The 53rd Meeting of Professional Puppet Theaters of Serbia The 53rd Meeting of Professional Puppet Theaters of Serbia The 53rd Meeting of Professional Puppet Theaters of Serbia The 53rd Meeting of Professional Puppet Theaters of Serbia The 53rd Meeting of Professional Puppet Theaters of Serbia From the very moment you enter the children's theater, you create a completely different experience of the entire theater atmosphere – starting with children's shouts and mischief in the hall of the theater, all the way to chain clapping and exclamations of "Play, play" in the hall before the start. It is truly heart-warming to see the auditorium filled with little ones eagerly awaiting the lights out and the first voices, the first movements, the music. Somehow, all of this together makes you forget your problems even for a moment, cheers you up, introduces you to the children's magical world full of imagination and play and brings you back to your childhood – a precious moment, for sure. The 53rd Meeting of Professional Puppet Theaters of Serbia The 53rd Meeting of Professional Puppet Theaters of Serbia Photographing children's theater plays is the same but also different from photographing plays for adults. They are playful, lively, full of characters, changes, music and colors – they cause roars of laughter, but also some frightened screams. Photographing them requires complete attention and speed, everything can change in a moment, it must be followed with a watchful eye. Ah, those actors and their puppets! They should be congratulated, they have chosen a very demanding audience, it is necessary to interest them and occupy their attention, to make them laugh and to teach, that wealth of ours, those adorable kids. ❤️
A Photographer’s Diary: Interior Photography A Photographer’s Diary: Interior Photography
We are slowly entering late autumn and the bad weather has forced us into homes where we just want to snuggle in, and we are slowly getting closer to the holiday atmosphere, so it is the ideal time to decorate them. Home decoration, whether simple or complex, minimal or complete, certainly tends to create a more beautiful and comfortable place to live – it should always welcome us. Interior of living space: Cocobolo Interior of living space: Cocobolo Interior of living space: Cocobolo Everyone shapes it according to own measure, according to own needs and according to own taste. Different materials, shapes and colors are thus combined, all for the sake of comfort and functionality. It then becomes a reflection of ourselves and can say a lot about who we are, what we like and what we do – a true mirror of our personality. ☺️ Interior of living space: Studio DIA Interior of living space: Studio DIA Interior of living space: Cocobolo Interior of living space: Cocobolo The play of natural and ambient light and shadows with architectural forms, materials and colors additionally contributes to the creation of a unique atmosphere of a particular interior, or in this case, a living space. And if you add the desired decoration, such as pictures and photographs, draperies and carpets, cushions and figurines, then the home with its interior design really becomes a real image of the host, i.e. the household – such an analysis of the interior and personality, their connection and mutual inseparability, sounds quite interesting, doesn't it? ☺️ Interior of living space: Studio DIA Interior of living space: Studio DIA Interior of living space: Studio DIA Interior of living space: Studio DIA Interior of living space: Studio DIA In the photographer's diary, in the past period, there were a lot of recorded interior photography. Whether it is a matter of renting or selling a real estate, apartment, apartment or office space, in the city or in some natural environment, for the visual presentation of each interior, all its existing elements are used, both architecture and its forms, as well as materials, light and shadows , which are combined in a game of angles and compositional solutions, which always aims to present it in the best possible light! Challenge and pleasure – interior photography. ❤️
Impression of The Month: Theater Photography Impression of The Month: Theater Photography
When in the diary of a photographer appears a recorded engagement of photographing a theater performance, then without any doubt it definitely becomes the impression of the month. The 47th Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime brought joy and a special atmosphere to the work, that of a real festival. ☺️ Marija Medenica, Not Giving Up, The 47th Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime Marija Medenica, Not Giving Up, The 47th Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime Marija Medenica, Not Giving Up, The 47th Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime Vanja Milacic, Unwritten letters, The 47th Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime Vanja Milacic, Unwritten letters, The 47th Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime Vanja Milacic, Unwritten letters, The 47th Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime The repertoire has arrived and the Festival has opened, the curtain has risen. It's time for some new faces, new stories and new scenographies. Inspiration for photography is indispensable, it is abundant. The main features of this year's festival performances were the constant shuffling of characters, their movements, costume changes, dynamism that seemed to test the photographer's concentration, he must surely be focused, in some segments of the performances, constant observation through the camera's viewfinder was necessary, because a moment of inattention and insufficient speed can cause you to miss a good shot, that would be a shame for sure – the challenge is so great, and the thrill is definite. ☺️ Abdirahman Sheriff, Storyless… Blead, The 47th Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime Abdirahman Sheriff, Storyless… Blead, The 47th Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime Abdirahman Sheriff, Storyless… Blead, The 47th Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime The biggest task of the photographer is to record the true core of the given play, its theme and message. That is why it is extremely important to follow the actors on stage, those true artists as the main protagonists of the play, to analyze and recognize their characters, acting, expressions and emotions, general theatricality. This creates an actor's portrait, which together with other elements, such as scenography and costume design, directs and composes a complex portrait of a theatrical performance. Aleksandra Arizanovic, Vrpca, The 47th Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime Aleksandra Arizanovic, Vrpca, The 47th Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime Aleksandra Arizanovic, Vrpca, The 47th Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime Isidora Stanišic, Afterlife Party With Evergreen Eve, The 47th Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime Isidora Stanišic, Afterlife Party With Evergreen Eve, The 47th Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime Isidora Stanišic, Afterlife Party With Evergreen Eve, The 47th Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime When the curtain comes down and the lights come back on, the thunderous applause passes, there remain photographs that will forever bear witness to certain characters and stories, the spirit of the times in or about which the story was told – the role of photography as such is invaluable. An excessive number of words may not even be necessary here, you should just observe them in silence and enjoy them. And for the photographer of this diary, theater photography will forever remain his first love, and a wish that has come true. ❤️
Impression of The Month: Advertising Photography Impression of The Month: Advertising Photography
Summer – what everyone, i.e. the vast majority of us, immediately think of is annual vacations, travel, sea and mountain, enjoyment. I definitely belong to that group of people, but this year's summer caused quite a stir. As it went on, and while the daytime temperatures reached 40 Celsius degrees, shooting after shooting followed without respite. For a professional photographer, it was a very long and warm, but also a busy and hard-working summer, and it's worth recording. ☺️ One of the more interesting shoots this summer was a photoshoot for Brandy Cirilica, a brand with a decades-long tradition. It is a real pleasure to participate in the creation of visual material that will contribute to the most successful promotion and marketing – photography as a medium plays an extremely important role in this. Printed and digital material, modern popular social networks and Internet marketing require the best and most impressive visual content, accordingly, one should certainly strive to fulfill marketing trends in which advertising photography has its primacy. In addition to following marketing trends, it is extremely important to respect the wishes and guidelines of the client. Therefore, a successfully realized advertising photo depends a lot on mutual cooperation, but also on specific agreements – a house is built by an agreement, and certainly photography too! ☺ Photograph of Cirilica Brandy products took place both on location and in the studio. Shooting on location in itself brings a lot of challenges and a variety of creative possibilities. The chosen location, Boembar, one of the many places to enjoy and have fun in Skadarlija street, provided a warm welcome and comprehensive assistance from the friendly staff during the shooting, as well as numerous opportunities for creative play when creating photographic compositions. Shooting on location is also exciting. It's like you're playing. You should look at all the elements it provides and make the most of them. Thus, the bottles of Cirilica posed on the very interesting and perfectly formed cascade terrace of the restaurant, in front of the drawn facade, played with Fica, the trademark of the house, while they then strutted around the bar. Imagination and creativity in creating a composition take the leading role, using all given elements, both ambient and technical. You just have to watch out for the guests, don't bother them, and while you're shooting you're sure to be an attraction, both for the restaurant guests themselves and for passers-by in the ever-visited Skadarlija. ☺️ In contrast to photograph on location, studio photography of products may be less interesting to some, which certainly depends on the ordered compositions and the needs of the client. Photographing the bottles on this occasion required skill and art. Due to the specificity of their material, i.e. glass, it is necessary to pay more attention to the shooting technique itself, while creativity was more involved in compositions with design elements. Professional photography on location and in the studio provide countless opportunities for composing images that will show, present and promote a certain brand and product in the best light. For a professional photographer, it is very challenging and inspiring. The impression of the month of August thus definitely represents product photography, that is, advertising photography.
A Photographer's Diary: Love Is In The Air A Photographer's Diary: Love Is In The Air
Love is in the air – we should always feel it in the air, everywhere around us and it shouldn't just be a phrase, really. A few printed pages in the diary of a professional photographer describe the moments when the sparks and energy between two lovers are transferred not only to photography as a medium, but to some extent to the photographer himself, because it is indescribable, for many unfathomable, and causes a very positive energy that circulates and it is easily transferred. When photo shoots are scheduled for newlyweds or couples who want to memorize their love, I always start shooting with special energy and excitement. Meeting new people, as well as their life stories, contributes to a better and broader understanding of what we call life circumstances, it feels like reading a novel or being in front of a movie screen. The role of the photographer is invaluable here, his sensibility has a lot of influence on the couples who play the main roles at that moment. He directs, selects the best corner in the given space, suggests and frames, and lets the couples express their love and mutual relationship by themselves, they know each other best – Pretend I'm not there – a sentence always spoken by the photographer at the beginning of each such shoot, because the image of their love will also be its true reflection. As usual when working with models, it is necessary to create a pleasant atmosphere with the help of which it will be easier to express feelings, because not everyone is equally relaxed and open, which is completely justified and understandable. Thus, the photographer and photography are placed at her service – they become her best friends. ☺️ The camera and the lens recognize true love and infatuation with their magical properties, they just "steal and freeze" that moment, that energy and those sparks – nothing can be hidden. It's a pleasure to work with smiling and happy people, found soul mates. Make your day brighter, for sure. And certainly one should also experience it and live it, nurture and protect it, fight for it, believe that it exists in everyday life, and not only in romantic films and literary works, because without it everything is more or less insignificant, while the photograph is there to memorize it for all time, thus becoming its main witness, as well as to remind us of it both in happy and in those difficult moments and encourage us to, if at all possible, overcome every obstacle and write happier pages of our life story. That's how a portrait of love is created! ❤️
Impression of The Month: Pets and Photography Impression of The Month: Pets and Photography
A job like photography can be full of variety and therefore challenges. A photographer, in any field of photography, has at his disposal countless subjects and motifs, of course according to the purpose of their photography, i.e. their purpose and use value. It's exciting to play and combine them, isn't it? And that's exactly how one shooting day was, recorded in the diary of a photographer. ☺️ Photographing furniture for pets, a new line of pets programs, sounds interesting at first, especially for lovers of four-legged friends. What does that furniture look like, what materials are they made of, what are their shapes and colors, these are all questions that initially interest us. For a specialist photographer for product photography may not be so exciting, until a new element is included in the photographic composition. With the advent of furniture models, product photography has been taken to a whole new level – let the game begin! The main star of that June shooting day was Boris the cat. His role to showcase and present comfortable pet beds was a real challenge to photograph. The animal itself can be quite unpredictable and as such can create unexpected situations. Similar to photographing children, pets require absolute attention and speed, they can move, turn, walk away in an instant. Fortunately, Boris the cat was as perfect an example as you could wish for to work with – he spent the whole time in absolute silence in his transporter from the beginning to the end of the shooting time, while at the very moment of posing he was just in photo mode, as if he was thinking and absorbing the whole time what's going on in studio – my luck as a photographer, shooting with him went quickly and smoothly, of course with the presence of the owner and his help with Boris' animation. I believe that with his help Softnest products will find a good response, that is his most important role and the point of his involvement as a model. ☺️ Although I'm a bigger dog lover, I have to admit that Boris deserves all praise as well as a place in advertising photography. While Boris the cat posed and created his portrait on the cozy Softnest beds, the two sweets stayed at home to wait. Tara and Meda, German Shepherds who have forever taken a place in my hearts. Playing, walking, brushing - everything is fun with them, priceless time spent. It's a real challenge to create portraits of them, a real little experiment, because Tara is an unprecedented mischievous dog, she doesn't hold the place at all, and Meda doesn't really like to be photographed, although he finds it interesting when he sees a powerful device like the Canon 5D Mark IV, it intrigues him somehow, then he stops, if only for a second. ☺️​ Every moment must be used like this, quickly and with a lot of attention, because our best friends can sometimes be elusive – those wonderful silly creatures of ours – we should let them create their own portraits.❤️
Vacation for Soul, Body and Brain: Landscape Photography Vacation for Soul, Body and Brain: Landscape Photography
Challenging and irresistible - a day spent out of the city hustle and bustle like the one in Belgrade, eternal fights and races that somehow, unfortunately, become the main features of life in modern society. One day is quite enough for a person to relax at least for a moment and forget about the problems that bother him, to restart and charge the battery, which in some cases may even be running out, before it goes out. One moment in drinking coffee on the favorite Flower Square with a hiking companion was quite enough and decisive to continue with the travels and discovering everything that our country has to offer. This time, it was decided that the destination would be Ovcar-Kablar Gorge - western Serbia, which with its geographical features never leaves you indifferent, with its landscapes where you can not be bored at all. ☺️ The route of the mountaineering action led along the road from Ovcar Spa to the monasteries that are in its immediate vicinity. Once an art historian, forever an art historian! ❤️ The combination of nature and cultural monuments of one landscape, as well as their touring are of inestimable joy for an art historian and photographer - the enjoyment is doubled. Thus, with the help of the irreplaceable companion Canon, the monasteries of Nikola and Jovanje undoubtedly got their portraits. One day was definitely enough! Just to have them as often as possible! One day he provided the absorption of all the positive energy that nature provides. A day bathed in the sun, the geographical features of the landscape of western Serbia that inexorably challenge you to create it’s own special landscape photography. That image of nature that exudes a play of shape and color, light and shadow. Its wavy paths cut into the rocks, similar to those of the sea, and along the course of the West Morava, lead you to hidden and quite nicely arranged spiritual corners where the feeling of peace and tranquility is fully present. By discovering this landscape, researching and absorbing everything that distinguishes it, as well as the weather conditions in the field at a given moment, with the sensibility and emotions of the photographer, it certainly defined the features of the image of nature, and thus its portrait - the beautiful Ovcar-Kablar Gorge. They say that it is the most beautiful at home, they are completely right, so then, we should explore and get to know it better! ❤️
Spring Also Has Its Own Portrait: The Awakening of Nature and Photography Spring Also Has Its Own Portrait: The Awakening of Nature and Photography
April and May, months that, after a gloomy and cold winter, (although it also has its charms) can hardly wait! With the extension of daylight, the days bathed in the sun, as well as warm weather, will not only wake up nature, but all of us. The power of nature and all its beauty are woven into this season - oh, that spring - waking up from hibernation, creating an inexhaustible source for photography, challenging and irresistible! ❤️ Green, I love you, green! ☺️ Re-leafing and flowering, the release of new shoots, replace the lifeless and gloomy appearance of winter nature. Parks and streets, courtyards and terraces, are refreshed by the rich colors of awakened nature - relentlessly enticing, for sure. Purple, pink, blue and burgundy, red and yellow, the color you want can be found in his portrait, because it colors every line. And in addition to the richness of colors, the playfulness of different shapes is also the main feature of the image of nature in the spring portrait. After graying and sometimes bleaching, spring is the first season that entices nature, awakens it, beautifies cities, forests, mountains and plains, and gives us enthusiasm and motivation. Its flutter, scents of various flowers and cut grass in the air, pleasant temperatures and longer hours of sunshine, lead us to stay outdoors, as much and as long as possible, inspire us to enjoy, and sometimes to romance - how to resist it all? ❤️
Impression of The Month: Photographing a Theater Play Impression of The Month: Photographing a Theater Play
There is a moment when emotions rise to a higher level – arranged and scheduled shooting, coming in front of the theater and entering a crowded hall, her generally well-known scent is in the air – they definitely represent such a moment, because first love never dies and now certainly immeasurably retaliates. ❤️ The excitement, the photo equipment, as well as all the necessary attention and concentration are there, the shooting can begin. Emotions are overemphasized, quite justifiably because even after a long time (due to circumstances that disrupted everything for us, and her name we won't mention ever again), staying in the theater finally looks like a real pleasure. The light went out and the curtain rose, the program includes the Opera of Giacomo Puccini, Sister Angelica, performed by the opera studio of the Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade. It seems that there are few words that would describe her, on the other hand, let the photos speak for themselves, that is certainly their role. ☺️ A play with a lot of characters, full of events and quick changes of action, and all that in Puccini's rhythm, leads to watching without breath – it is a real challenge for photography. A handful of characters for photographic analysis and portraiture, their movement and role in space, the space itself with the scenography, made the play fully motivate and capture the photographer's attention, it's irresistible, isn't it? The opera Sister Angelica has enriched, and certainly refreshed, its repertoire of photography for the month of April, which left the strongest impression. Congratulations to the participating girls, as well as to the entire Opera team. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration! ☺️
The Essence Is in The Details: Macro photography The Essence Is in The Details: Macro photography
They are at every step, around us and on us, do we notice them at all because of the speed of life? Do we stop, look at them, look after them, feel them? They are an integral part of the world around us – details of different dimensions, shapes, colors and materials, are an indispensable part of our everyday life. Details that represent nature in the most beautiful light. Have you ever rejoiced when you saw the bud of your favorite flower in your home? For all flower lovers, the answer must be yes. So small, which grows day by day and develops into beautiful flowers of the beautiful Cyclamen, the bud was an irresistible motif for photography. Its shape, colors and texture will turn into enchanting flowers that are a real decoration of any interior. Macro photography – in the service of detail and small dimensions – is a true friend of their visuals. The composition of materials and textures, perhaps insufficiently recognizable to the naked eye, are ideal motifs for macro photography. Thus, the metal chain with a pendant, the cotton of the favorite blouse, as well as the furniture fabric of the comfortable bed, get, as details, a completely new dimension, not only in the photographic display, but also in the visual experience itself. Tempting, isn't it? ☺️ And the well-known little gummy candies, irresistible to every child, and loved by many adults, are another proof of the superiority of modern photographic equipment, especially photo optics with which they are turned into great pieces of pleasure. Chick, if you don’t try them or at least don’t want to! ☺️ Much smaller or slightly larger than that, with or without glasses, invisible to the naked eye or at least insufficiently clear, materials, their compositions and textures are clearly indicated and expressed in a photographic composition whose task is to record and display fragments that are everywhere around us – they mark, decorate or disturb, impress or amaze, cheer or sadden, delight or disappoint – the essence is in the details!
What Betrays Us or Not: Facial Expressions and Portrait Photography What Betrays Us or Not: Facial Expressions and Portrait Photography
Personality – that complex machinery that shapes each of us in a very unique and special way. Namely, people can look like each other, in every sense, physically and mentally, especially if they are related, but there is still the smallest grain of something that will distinguish them. This formed a reflection of a person who not only has certain physiognomies, but also body language that determines him. In addition to words and deeds, our character speaks a lot about ourselves. The look captured in the moment – the facial expression – mostly creates a reflection of what we think and how we feel, our mood and emotions. Some people manage to cover it up, and for many it doesn't, it all depends on the character of the person. And that look is made up of those very eyes – maroon, blue or green, small or large, round or oblong – of any color, size and shape – which they say are the mirror of the soul, they certainly are. And they have the ability to talk about everything, so they will tell us everything, without hiding or lying, they say more than a thousand words and thus are an invaluable representative of our self. You just have to watch them and know how to read them! ☺️ When we are serious, elated or sad, facial expressions certainly betray us. With its gestures, it shows our current emotional and psychological state. Whoever manages to cover it up for some reason, keeps them only for himself, which in turn, on the other hand, leads to the manifestation of personality traits and thus determines it. By mimicry, we can see that we are scared, that we think, even when we are satisfied. They speak for us and about us. Our facial features adapt to a certain situation and thus enable the representation of our character, as well as the formation of our entire portrait. And what is the significance of facial expressions, ie. our gesticulation is reflected in the great use of symbols, the so-called emoticons in modern written communication – for many of us it has become a daily routine that when we post something on one of the social networks or send a text message or e-mail, we must use this way of expressing our current mood and feelings – more than enough proof of importance, doesn't it? ☺️ Everyone will be imagined in their own way, sadly remembering happy moments, and in the end each of us will wear his own facial expression that will be the embodiment of our character, of what we really are, and we will be recognizable to him. Facial expression will complement our words and deeds, and will also contribute to the formation of our self – then the entire portrait of our personality will be created. P.S. big applause to our actors, Dejan Stojakovic, Isidora Milinovic and Milivoje Borlja, who with their body language express many characters and their life stories – with their skills and facial expressions they tell us about everything, thanks for that! ❤️
And Winter Has Its Own Portrait: Photography and Winter Wonderland And Winter Has Its Own Portrait: Photography and Winter Wonderland
When the temperature outside drops, cold winds start, the last leaves fall and dark and gray tones prevail, most of us want to stay in the warmth of our home with a cup of our favorite hot drink. At that time, a gloomy atmosphere prevailed, which we constantly try to beautify with small things. Nature strives, too. It always surprises us, and makes some of us happy with its turn and incredible change of its appearance. Yes, this time, the autumn color has been replaced by whiteness, which compensates for the lack of vividness and serenity. Snow, as the main element of winter, although not so frequent in recent years due to climate change, is the most attractive moment for the visual experience of this season, both for its fans and for photographers. ☺️ Belgrade, Serbia Belgrade, Serbia Belgrade, Serbia Belgrade, Serbia Belgrade, Serbia That white snow cover – you don't have to love it, but it certainly deserves admiration for the magical transformation of nature, which deserves visual memorization. It is very challenging to get out of the warmth of home at winter minus, but it is also irresistible to walk on the snow and in the quiet nature listen only to the squeak of snow underfoot. As a photographer, I am definitely going out, that magical winter portrait has to be taken! ☺️ Kopaonik, Serbia Kopaonik, Serbia Kopaonik, Serbia Winter magic is most tempting and fascinating in nature, in the high mountains, in dense forests, next to frozen lakes, but it also gives cities the opportunity for a different experience of the environment that surrounds us. Somewhere in Belgrade, Serbia Somewhere in Belgrade, Serbia Some of us are thrilled when winter wonderland is aroun us, and some do not like to see it on a postcard, the choice is free and legitimate, but it is certain that it shapes and glorifies nature, its strength and beauty in its own way, so it creates its own portrait, and completes the overall portrait of nature – very inspiring, right? ❤️
The Holidays Are Coming: Photography in The Spirit of Celebration The Holidays Are Coming: Photography in The Spirit of Celebration
Another December has arrived, very quickly? The Earth must have accelerated, as if we had only recently said goodbye to that crazy 2020. Despite that, for many of us, December awakens the happiest feelings because of its special and magical atmosphere, which is why we are always looking forward to it again and again. The calendar beginning of winter, the first cold winter days, the first snow - are the main features of December, to which is added the most important feature, and certainly the happiest - numerous celebrations. The magic is here! Hustle and bustle on the city streets, crowds in the shops, decorated shop windows and city units, you can feel the (pre) holiday mood and euphoria in the air. New Year's and Christmas holidays are coming! ☺️ Bright colors and New Year's decorations do not bypass the homes of many of us. It shines, flickers, decorates - New Year's interior decoration elevates and shapes the overall festive atmosphere, and it is certainly joined by the inevitable variety of meals that complete the holiday, whether it is the celebration of patron saint day or New Year and Christmas. The celebration can begin! Saint Nicholas Day, the patron saint day that all members of the Veljkovic family are looking forward to! Lean homemade cookies from the feast table - and weak gourmands find it hard to resist. Bronchi cubes - my answer to my brother's question "Sister, what do you want me to make to you"? ☺️ He is a phenomenal master in making sweets, he can do everything, and these holiday cookies are proof that the real and most important treasure in life is to have a dear and loved one! ❤️ Bronchi cubes - a great inspiration for composing a composition. Daylight and New Year's and Christmas decorations are quite enough elements for photography! Delicious Oreo cake - although we are about to celebrate Orthodox Christmas, it is not out of place to celebrate Christmas according to the Gregorian calendar. ☺️ Delicious Oreo cake! Let these December-January holidays bring you good health, love and hugs of loved ones wrapped in colorful gifts that decorate your home under the New Year and Christmas tree, and happiness and joy accompany your every new step, both in private and business life - let creates a better face for your New Year's portrait! ❤️ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Your photographer Sanja Veljkovic
Golden Autumn Portrait: Photography and Colors Golden Autumn Portrait: Photography and Colors
Oh, that fall! For someone who loves spring and summer, sun and warm weather, this season can be quite a challenge. On the other hand, if there are not many gloomy and rainy days, cold and windy, autumn can be a continuation of that enjoyment - the gift of Indian summer that fulfills all those lovers of warmer and sunnier weather. Oh, that golden autumn! The queen adorned with bright colors provides an irresistible sight and relentlessly challenges everyone's eyes, staying indifferent is hard to imagine. With its features and colors, unique scenes that replaced summer with autumn clothes, it inspires many creators, as well as photographers to whom it selflessly reflects for the creation of landscape photography and shaping the autumn portrait of nature. Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm, Sweden Mountain Kopaonik, Serbia From the second half of September until the middle of December, she is there at every step. Nature changes, its contours bathed in the sun become outlines with dominant golden colors, so shades of yellow and red overflow, while with the arrival of gloomy and rainy days, they get darker - weather conditions and this season set a certain rhythm and put their own seal. And so as we walk the streets or parks, in urban areas or rural areas, the impressions of golden autumn are everywhere, which is another proof of how inspiring, challenging and irresistible nature can be, defiant and characteristic, worth every look, and certainly every shot. And then photography is facing a challenge. It strives to visualize the magical changes of the seasons, the transition from one "dress code" to another, ie its visual appearance and style, where all its characteristics, as well as all its shapes and colors, become an inexhaustible source of imagination and creation, and landscape photography got its place in the nature portrait gallery - irresistible, right? ☺️ Oh, that fall and its vibrant color! That dominance of its yellow and red color, with many of their different shades, with which the sun additionally increases saturation. All those outlines of it! It is woven in romantic walks through crackling fallen leaves, delicious culinary autumn specialties, art, music and film production, design and fashion, and is an unavoidable topic of school written test in the Serbian language, we have all written about it at least once - of that, how can you not love her?! ❤️
A Photographer’s Diary: Outdoor Photography A Photographer’s Diary: Outdoor Photography
For the first working day after the Christmas holidays of the current year, a photo shoot of the apartment on Kopaonik is scheduled in the photographer's diary. The magic of winter holidays thus continued on the snowy mountain beauty. The excitement before shooting is now doubled, the love of photography is combined with the love of travel, truelly happiness and enjoyment! ❤️ The working day of the photographer in the field, as well as in studio photography, brings with it a whole range of elements for its realization, starting from the request for photography and concluding a deal with the client, through planning shooting and organizing it on location, all the way to photography - a very complex and in addition a very creative process that completed photographic opus and the business portrait of the photographer. Apartments Srebrna planina, Kopaonik Kopaonik Photographing at a certain location, whether it is shooting indoors or outdoors, raises countless questions about the foreseen situations, such as weather conditions and road conditions during the stay on Kopaonik, as well as obtaining a permit to take photos at one of the Belgrade roofs, while on the other hand arouses caution during unforeseen circumstances, such as the pollination of mosquitoes on the Zemun quay during the photography of the promotion of the Festival of Monodrama and Mime, a slightly embarrassing situation, but which must be overcome at that time. All the above examples thus confirm the complexity of the photographer's work in the field - as interesting and exciting as it is demanding. Sounds challenging, doesn't it? Business Portrait Belgrade While flipping through the diary on this occasion, we came across written pages about photographing in the field. Whatever photography is scheduled, interior photography, business portraits in nature or a city corner, an open-air event, striving to achieve a certain composition and creativity, the influences of the outside world are added, which are almost impossible to avoid, whether desirable or undesirable , the most important thing is to successfully overcome them, as well as use them to your advantage. Taking the necessary and desired shot on the camera card is the only goal that day - the excitement and as it grows and the adrenaline accelerates, the real action. ☺️ Festival of Monodrama and Mime Zemun quay Fitting all the necessary elements for outdoor photography may seem challenging and difficult, from the weather to the field conditions and the mood of the whole team on set, but it pretty much provides countless other opportunities for creativity and creation. One of them is certainly the unknown of what awaits you in a given place and at a given moment - while photographing an apartment on Kopaonik, behind the curtain the magic of a winter beauty unfolds revealing its snowy outlines after a snowstorm, while photographing a business portrait on the Belgrade roof, on your left side is a beautiful view of a sunny June day in Belgrade or while photographing the promotion of the Festival of Monodrama and Mime, at once you can feel the smell of mosquito dust that inevitably turns you towards the cloud that stretches downstream across the Danube - and magical and beautiful, a little awkward and unplanned, but certainly exciting and unrepeatable, which certainly makes the advantages and disadvantages of working in the field challenging and tempting. I am definitely in favor of taking photos on location, it should be used to the maximum! ☺️
A Photographer's Diary: Business Portrait A Photographer's Diary: Business Portrait
Have you ever wondered what a working day of a professional photographer looks like, what he does and what his obligations are in the process of creation? On this occasion, let's flip through a few pages of his diary and take a peek into the world where the image of his business is created - a gallery of business portraits of a professional photographer. From morning coffee to evening relaxation, except in situations where the schedule requires a change of these activities, a working day for a professional photographer looks quite dynamic and exciting. Starting from contracting a job and agreeing with the client, through creating the concept for shooting, photography, to editing and post-production of photos, his working day is mostly a complex and creative process. The second week of May this year, a handful of scheduled recordings in the diary. From Monday to Saturday, portrait and advertising photography, photography of business portraits and products for online stores are intertwined, studio photography has been ordered, which makes up only one part of the entire opus. A very busy dynamic work week. Working in a studio, in a work space where the photographer is mostly on his own, largely provides the necessary peace and concentration, as well as isolation from the outside world that would possibly disrupt the creation process, and provides the moment when equipment, models or products are only needed. Studio photography is one of my favorites. ❤️ Before each shoot, it is certain that the excitement and curiosity grow, the excitement of the creation itself, while curiosity is the main question that arises with each new task, what awaits us, what will it look like and how will it go? The passion for the business we do, provided it is desired, certainly increases them even more, because without certain invested emotions, the end product of the business cannot be ranked among the successful ones. Love for your job in the business world definitely means success, because if you love your job, then success is guaranteed, and failure is excluded! ☺️ Depending on the type of commissioned photography, the photographer first engages in a certain imagination, his world of imagination where creativity together with skills come from playing with lighting, scenography, communication with models, complex composition, striving to create the best possible image of a task, regardless of its complexity or complexity, whether it is about promoting one's business and success through business portraits or whether it is about successfully placing a certain brand on the market - the end product, in this case photography, must present them in the best possible light. And after taking photos and a physically active day, the last word in designing photos is taken by their post-production, ie work in Photoshop, which, depending on the complexity of processing, along with favorite music provides some time for physical rest, each activity has a double benefit, a very useful part of the story of photography as a professional commitment. ☺️ While flipping through the diary, on this occasion we came across pages written about studio photography, what it means, how interesting and inspiring it is - from a request for photography and concluding a deal with a client, through planning and organizing it, photography itself where excitement and fulfillment present to the greatest extent, all the way to Photoshop and sending files via Wetransfer - working in the studio largely provides a picture of one working day of a professional photographer, thus forming part of his complex business portrait.
And The Sea Has Its Own Portrait: Landscape Photography And The Sea Has Its Own Portrait: Landscape Photography
August is already in progress, the second summer month in a row, which is reserved for holidays and school holidays, therefore for travel, relaxation and enjoyment. A hot summer like this year, especially a summer on the hot Belgrade asphalt, certainly increases the longing for one of the destinations with a more pleasant climate - an escape under the auspices of sea refreshment it will be indeed an ideal solution for many. And the decision was made, this year's enjoyment is reserved for lounging and squirming by the sea, its smell and sound. A certain destination was choosen, a hotel was reserved, packed suitcases and it can be started with a trip to the sea, because the sea is the most beautiful, most exciting and very refreshing in summer. Boka Kotorska, Montenegro Boka Kotorska, Montenegro Boka Kotorska, Montenegro Whatever sea is chosen for the desired destination, for example the Aegean or Adriatic, it is special in its own way, with all its features and outlines, so if a mountain can have its own portrait, such as Kopaonik, then the sea absolutely it can be challenging and irresistible to photograph. It is somehow unthinkable for someone like a professional photographer to go on a trip, or a vacation, without their favorite camera. Otherwise, there would certainly be remorse, so photo equipment is definitely included in the holiday luggage. Because the sea with its outlines, contours and colors inexorably challenges and inspires to create his portrait. ☺️ Hanioti, Greece Hanioti, Greece Hanioti, Greece The sea creates its portrait from a multitude of images, built from all its features, both natural and those created by human hands. Consequently, the composition of marine landscape photography will certainly be built by the very contours of nature, all its geographical features that shaped a marine destination - long sandy beaches, steep rocky mountain slopes, bays and islands, flora and fauna thus form a complex picture of nature which projected a specific design for it. On the creation of the marine landscape photographs will affect weather conditions in the field, and is therefore time that it will give the last touch to create images of nature. A real summer day bathed in the sun will give many shades of bright colors, while cloudy weather will provide darker color tones, and the appearance of strong winds will stir the calm sea and create hectic waves - the magic of time and daylight emerges in the game with many combinations which allow for a myriad of diverse images of a single scene - you just need to find them, and if necessary, wait. Hanioti, Greece Hanioti, Greece The sea is special in its own way, it relaxes and invigorates, entices and sighs for summer adventures, many are more than happy about it. Whether you are vacationing in a seaside town rich in cultural and historical monuments and various facilities for relaxation and entertainment, or if the accommodation is located in a quieter place, the sea will embrace and provide a unique image with its contours, shapes and colors. All you have to do is choose when and which way to go, at dawn or dusk, in the sun or rain, along the coast with a path with pine trees or on a lookout point, because right behind the curve there will surely appear that beautiful image of nature which, with a play of light and shadow, shapes and lines, different angles and focus, shapes a sea landscape photograph worth more than 1000 words. It's hard to resist! ❤️
The Role of Nature in The Process of Creation: Daylight and Photography The Role of Nature in The Process of Creation: Daylight and Photography
The process of creating a photography without a light source is not possible. As its basic element, light, not only influences on the creation of a photographic work, but it builds its story according to its peculiarities and gives it visual stamp. One of the light sources that provides many options for designing a photographic frame is daylight - whether it is the image of nature itself or photography in nature, it with its variations takes a big role in their construction, making them very special. Depending on the season, time of day, as well as weather conditions, the sun and its position in the sky will affect the light record of the photograph, thus creating light with which it paints views and shapes, forms shadows and contrasts, creates a certain impression and atmosphere. Daylight provides to portrait photography many different light arrangements for outdoor photography, both in nature and in the exterior of a city corner, and with its important role in the process of creating a portrait, it makes him the main assistant photographer. Warm sunlight in the form of direct sunlight will illuminate the features of the portrayed person, thus attracting certain character traits that are thus more explicitly emphasized, while the atmosphere and story of the same shot would completely change by creating diffused light when clouds appear and covering the sun. The character of the portrayed person thus gets a multitude of different images that form a more complex reflection of his personality - they complete his mirror of self. The same composition can get several different images - a sunny summer morning will create a hazy atmosphere of a newborn's day, the midday sun will provide the most direct, strongest and sharpest light, the afternoon sun will form deeper shadows with contrasts, while the evening will create diffused and soft light. And when the sun goes down and darkness sets in, from the light sources for the evening light remain only the achievements of humanity, which give a completely different dimension to visual representations, and thus the very approach to their creation. Each of these light arrangements emphasizes special shapes and details in their own way, leads the observer to certain emotions and thus contributes to the creation of the overall visual identity of the photographic motif. Lighting given by nature - daylight - certainly creates many different visual representations, its specific story, directs its flow, builds the atmosphere, plays with colors, contrasts and shadows, shapes characters and objects, it builds photography and gives it life, develops creativity and unleashes the imagination. As a professional photographer I like to use it! ☺️
A Special Picture of Reality: Chiaroscuro and Photography A Special Picture of Reality: Chiaroscuro and Photography
As light is responsible for creation and is a basic element of fine arts, and thus photography, so the diversity in its use leads to different manifestations of certain performances in their visualization. Chiaroscuro, at first glance, for those to whom the term is unknown, may seem confusing and intriguing, while for its connoisseurs it can certainly be challenging and fascinating. The Italian expression, with a rough translation of light-dark, which describes the explicit use of contrast between light and shadow, is reserved for a technique established and developed by Renaissance and Baroque masters of European painting such as Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt and Caravaggio. This mystical play of light and shadow, which shapes its world in its own way, powerfully creates a special image of reality and it is this breath of old masters that enables the creators of modern times countless possibilities in playing with light and reflecting it on a complex image. Widely accepted and widespread in the fine arts, the chiaroscuro technique is gladly and often applied in photography as well. One photograph, one frame with the same motif and setting, can be presented in countless different ways, and different visual representations are obtained, with different meaning and message. Chiaroscuro brings a new spirit to portrait photography. He makes shadows out of light and creates contrasts, outlines and emphasizes expression, introduces into his world in which some new emotions are provoked and revived, with psychological effect the manifestation of certain qualities and inner beauty of the portrayed is emphasized, the dynamics of composition is emphasized, and thus built is also the specific atmosphere of a complex image. Thus, portrait photography gained a new movement in which the portrayed person was presented in a completely different way, a way that enabled the shaping of the mirror of her self. That magical light that creates its image woven all of shadows and contrasts, outlines and emphasizes certain elements in the composition. In still life photography, certain plans of the composition, as well as objects, stand out with special emphasis, their shapes reach the full effect of three-dimensionality, textures become more expressive, and colors more intense - a special story is created that strives for a more expressive way of expression. The flutter of light and the playfulness of the shadows introduce delicious food snacks into a completely new dimension of their visual performances. The current world trend of photographing food with the chiaroscuro technique, the so-called Dark Food Photography, has created the possibility of a new display of various saltines and sweets in the spirit of old mystical, expressive and dramatic displays that evoke a handful of different experiences for viewers. Chiaroscuro, his special way of expression, introduced into the visual representations quite expressive, mysticism and drama, and thus the images became more poetic, mysterious and exciting - such a special image of reality was created. As a photographer I like to use it! ☺️
Source of Creation: Light and Photography Source of Creation: Light and Photography
Light is the source of life in every sense of the word, not only is it the source of life for every living species on the planet Earth, but with its help it is also possible to create certain things, ie phenomena. One of these phenomena, the creation of which would not be possible without light, is photography. With that in mind, if we want a calm sea for a sailor, then we will always wish the photographer good light - it is a permanent basic means of work for creating any photograph. The light sources for the creation of photography, ie photography, are numerous, as the main and only, but also in combination with other light sources. Their use largely depends on the context of the photograph itself, its theme, but also the message, so such a specific and precise setting of light, light arrangement, leads to the successful realization of a comprehensive photographic composition. Different light sources create different visual representations, so each light creates its own specific story, directs its flow, builds the atmosphere, plays with contrasts and shadows, shapes characters and objects. Thus, whether it is natural light (direct sun, diffused sun through clouds, a certain time of day) or artificial light (ambient, photographic lighting), it builds photography and gives it life, develops creativity and frees the imagination. As a basic element of fine arts, throughout the history of art there is a noticeable trend of its study as well as the use of its various sources. It is a basic element in photographic art, so, for example, light is credited in portrait photography for creating a gentle and lovely personality of the person portrayed, a mystical artistic soul, a dangerous authority that presents business at the highest level, a little candy from a girl, a teenage irresistible sweetheart - that's why photographers like to play with him! ☺️
Summer Portrait of Kopaonik Mountain: Landscape Photography Summer Portrait of Kopaonik Mountain: Landscape Photography
As Kopaonik is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Serbia, it is also very inspiring for photographers - challenging and irresistible! Escape from the difficult and tense everyday life of last year, in which we all found ourselves, turned a vacation on Kopaonik into a relaxing job, because going to this mountain beauty without photographic equipment is almost unthinkable, especially when it comes to a professional photographer. Thus, before the trip, it was very easy and without any thought to decide to start creating the Kopaonik summer portrait. ☺️ Kopaonik Mountain Peak Treska, Kopaonik Mountain Vrbolika (Epilobium angustifolium), Kopaonik Mountain A walk on the mountain slopes, and at the same time their exploration, led to a certain perception of the Kopaonik landscapes and thus enabled the creation of his landscape photography. Where the peaks kiss the sky, where conifers embrace deciduous forests and hidden corners relentlessly entice, discover the picturesque mountain shapes and contours that give inexhaustible inspiration for playing with shots, as well as a special note for their visual memorization. View from Pancic's Peak, Kopaonik Mountain View from Pancic's Peak, Kopaonik Mountain A Trail for Marko's Rocks, Kopaonik Mountain Marko's Rocks, Kopaonik Mountain Marko's Rocks, Kopaonik Mountain The creation of a mountain portrait largely depends on both geographical features and weather conditions. The fact that Kopaonik is also called Sunny Mountain is confirmed by tied August sunny days in a row that gave a special charm to landscape photography - the constant play of sun and clouds, their streaks on the outlines of slopes, explosions of colors, reflect the most representative images of nature. Thus, sunny weather, as a constant of staying and photographing on Kopaonik, became the main feature of his summer landscape photography. Jelovarnik District, Kopaonik Mountain Jelovarnik District, Kopaonik Mountain Jelovarnik District, Kopaonik Mountain Jelovarnik District, Kopaonik Mountain Detail of The Waterfall Jelovarnik, Kopaonik Mountain Photographing Kopaonik is always challenging and irresistible - various shapes and contours, diverse flora and fauna, the smell of conifers bathed in the summer sun, the noise of its streams, springs, waterfalls and rivers, represent the entire life of the mountain, both in the field and in landscape photography. Shooting at a given moment, at a certain time of year and according to the current weather conditions, as well as all the natural-geographical features of the Kopaonik mountain massif, thus create its authentic overall portrait, forever visually memorized. ❤️
They Are Part of Our Everyday Life: Materials and Photography They Are Part of Our Everyday Life: Materials and Photography
Materials, as the basis of every object, are an indispensable part of our everyday life. They surround us and are constantly used, everyday activities are unthinkable without them, whether they are natural or artificial, of various textures and colors, as well as materials of different tactile feel. According to the measure and taste of each of us, the materials aim to provide the simplest and most comfortable life possible - without them, existence is completely unthinkable, and thus they certainly gain high use value. Les Petites Chaudières LPC, Paris Les Petites Chaudières LPC, Paris SMarT accessorize SMarT accessorize Grantex Grantex The most important decision in the choice of materials is certainly made when buying clothes, shoes and accessories. The history of fashion shows that it, at least indirectly, dictates the use of certain materials, but when deciding on the purchase of a certain piece of clothing and footwear, one should ultimately take into account what feels good, comfortable and pleasant. Clothing items with uniform or mixed materials, of different thickness and softness, are among the primary products of the consumer basket that occupy special attention, and their combination and clothing will give not only the necessary feeling, but also a representative look, our private and business portrait. Grantex Grantex Brzeće Center Apartments, Kopaonik Brzeće Center Apartments, Kopaonik Interior of living space: Grantex, Ideja, Studio DIA Interior of living space: Grantex, Ideja, Studio DIA The diversity among materials, their structures and textures, is visible in the interior of everyday life, both in the interior of the home and in the business interior. When furnishing private and business interiors, their functionality and comfort are certainly taken into account, and the choice of materials is certainly a priority, so the choice of furniture materials and other interior elements, according to their characteristics, will largely stem from the desire and need of his ordering party. From the chosen type of material of the corner set in the living room will depend on the enjoyment of reading a favorite book, the warm atmosphere of the bedroom in the attic if its walls are lined with material such as paneling, and also, from the type of material of the chair will depend on comfort which is important for long office seating. Thus, the choice of the right materials and their combination give not only a complete picture of the overall interior design and its functionality, but also the degree of comfort and convenience. Srebrna planina Spa & Resort, Kopaonik Srebrna planina Spa & Resort, Kopaonik As objects are an integral part of life, their branding and popularization, and consequently their visual presentation, play an important role, with the photographic medium playing a significant role. Namely, when photographing objects, the visual presentation of materials and their textures is extremely important. Depending on the purpose of the photographs of the objects, certain approaches will be used for better and more efficient presentation of their materials. Each material with its texture absorbs and reflects light differently, and accordingly, with the help of a specific light source, photographic optics and other equipment, materials such as cotton, wool and leather, as well as wood, glass and metal, get their appropriate visual representations, which they should respond not only to the creation of a realistic representation of the material, but also to a tangible image of the material, for which the emphasis on the texture of the material itself is undoubtedly due. Thus, in the era of consumer society, a well-visually noticed object is also a successfully placed product without which everyday life is unthinkable.
Love Is Huge, Who Has Them Knows Everything: Pets and Photography Love Is Huge, Who Has Them Knows Everything: Pets and Photography
Anyone who has had them at least once in their life could get to know that special connection that is being created between them and us. Whatever the type of pets, they are the decoration of our home and represent another member of the family. There are certainly differences between them, so our relationship is different. Everyone chooses them according to their needs, decides on the type they love and gives them a warm home. One of the types of pets with which we create an unbreakable bond are certainly dogs. They hug and kiss, nurture and guard, talk to them and share the most important moments, whether they are happy or sad, play with them, and sometimes sleep together, walk and travel, everything that binds and makes us happy. From the moment she entered our home with a little over a month, that little sweet German Shepherd puppy, it was clear what kind and how much love it would be. Not only does it beautifies the home and every new day, but Tiksi really became a new member of the family. Everything is easier and more beautiful with her, every moment together is precious - from cuddling and attention to her adored jogging, playing with her favorite stick and driving in a car. In long walks, the greatest joy is - there is no time of day, nor the season when she will not walk - walking is her favorite activity. That is favorite for both of us. As a professional photographer, my job doesn't end after photo shooting, because after that there are hours spent in post-production, that is, long sitting at the computer, so long and somewhat fast walks with Tiksi certainly means - quality time spent with her plus recreation, beautiful and useful. Thus, she is the happiest in scurrying around in the neighborhood or in downtown, in the park or one of the picnic areas, while along the way she regularly entices the views. With her peaceful nature, anything is possible, even drinking coffee in one of the pet friendly cafes. ☺️ Every pet is an animal for itself. It has its own nature and its own characteristics - it has its own portrait. We need to guard and nurture them, listen to them and teach them to listen to us too, especially when it comes to dogs. The time invested in their upbringing, with a lot of work, patience and love, means a better quality of life with them. They are really our best friends and we should keep them, and whoever has had them at least once in their life knows what that means. ❤️
Calendar Full of Wishes: Photography Also in 2021 Calendar Full of Wishes: Photography Also in 2021
December has arrived, the last month of this really difficult and uncertain 2020 year. Despite the difficulties that have gripped the entire planet, it can be said that in all segments of life, there was a tendency to step forward, to solve complicated situations and achieve positive solutions. As we struggled a lot, this year somehow imposed a special wish list for the upcoming year, from health in the first place to gathering dear and close people, and uninterrupted business. Such a wish list for the modern age, such as the 21st century, seems quite simplified and modest, but it also happens in that modern age for an unusual year that somehow seems to remind a human what the most important things in life are - health, love and work - such a wish list then turns into a list of valuables, right? January - Health as strong as white winter. Kopaonik, Serbia February - Love always warms. Belgrade, Serbia March - Without a job there is hardly anything else. Stockholm, Sweden April - There is one kingdom in the world, friendship reigns in it. Tara, Serbia May - Free travel around the world. Stockholm, Sweden June - A smile that everyone sees. Belgrade, Serbia In addition to the most important ones, it is not out of place to get another wish, so with health, a wish for a year full of love, successful business, let socializing, enjoyment and fun, free travel around the world, going to a concert of favorite singer or group, visit to a museum, a theater and a cinema, shopping at will, all that has been denied this year - happiness in all fields - which with all these common and everyday things again makes the list simplified, right? July - More laughter, more songs, more fun. The bay of Kotor, Montenegro August - Shopping at will. Homolje mountains, Serbia September - Let art and culture feed the soul. Sweden October - Everything that was not realized, but was in the plan. Stockholm, Sweden November - Happiness, happiness that’s greater than mountain. Kopaonik, Serbia December - It's time for a new wish list. Kopaonik, Serbia In the new year, create your own portrait of happiness, be in the company of your loved ones, be their support, be confident in your interior, show everyone a smile on your face, spend time and enjoy in your favorite landscape, feed your spirituality with art and culture, try in some new challenges. Let the new year 2021 actually be a safer, healthier and happier year, as well as a year full of wonderful photos that will record all that and stay for a lifetime! ❤️ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Your photographer Sanja Veljkovic
What Is Most Missing Now: Group Portraits What Is Most Missing Now: Group Portraits
This year it is most missing! In a year as crazy and completely unpredictable as this leap year is, in a year when distance is permanently propagated due to the coronavirus epidemic, avoiding direct and physical contacts, a great gap in interpersonal relationships is felt. In a year like this, it seems there have never been more words, more expressions and phrases, and on the other hand never less physical contact. In interpersonal relationships, communication is of great importance, but physical contact also occupies an important place. One of the physical contacts - a hug - that simple act that provides energy and satisfaction, comfort and happiness, is irreplaceable in situations that are like this year's multi-month and global. All of humanity has been denied it. Simple for many, a hug has a special power to fill our body with positive energy and our heart with warmth. In happy moments, he increases the joy we share with others, while in sad moments he gives us comfort and heals. He is very well known among close people, among best friends, godparents, couples and families. He is one of those moments when it seems to us that we can overcome everything and that we are not alone - love and care for a dear person overcomes all difficulties, and therefore it should be given as a gift. Group portraits have a very important place in the life of each of us, as well as emotional value, because in moments of separation they revive common moments spent with a certain person and give us a sense of togetherness and closeness. Our relationship with the person in the portrait will exude everything he represents, so some of the photos will depict great love and respect between partners, all mischief and adventures among friends, as well as a sister's unbreakable bond for life. Whatever the reason is for the separation, such as this year's pandemic, photography is always there to remind us of the role and importance of a certain person in life, our relationship with him, as well as to fill his place, at least for a moment, because spending some time with a loved one and giving her a hug is priceless - isn't it? ❤️
How To Prepare for The Day: Professional Photography How To Prepare for The Day: Professional Photography
During my many years of professional photography, I have often come across questions about how to prepare and what needs to be done for the upcoming photo shooting. At first glance, it may seem a bit complicated, but in principle, everything is so simple. ☺ In order for photography to run smoothly and successfully, it is necessary to establish certain elements at the beginning. After choosing the location for shooting, whether it is a photo studio, the desired interior or exterior, depending on the type of photography, it is time to choose clothes and accessories that will eventually emphasize makeup, where the photographer will certainly help, if there is any doubt about something. Shooting can begin by selecting the scenery and setting the photo set. The first flash of photographic lighting, the first curtain of the lens closed - expectations are high. Before entering in the frame, and certainly during the shooting, the communication between the model and the photographer is of great importance for good and quality photography. Through conversation - various questions from life - the photographer gets to know and explore the character, his physiognomy, as well as the personality of the person portrayed. Education, career, love, interests and pleasures, interesting stories from the life of the portrayed model certainly influence the liberation of his self and enable the play of character traits and characteristics, which in the end creates special portrait compositions. To pose in the frame, whether it is in a photo studio, a favorite cafe or a special city corner, it is necessary to be your own. Each of us is a phenomenon for ourselves, we have our own character, attitude and behavior, our own philosophy of life that we express and radiate, the way of posing and the style of dress, so we should have our own portrait. Inserting yourself into the frame is extremely important. Portrait photography is an exciting and mystical game that can lead to unique images. Chatting and working in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, to which the music from the playlist will contribute, in a word, socializing throughout the photography will help, not only the good mood of the model and photographer, but also to creation of successful photos. Whatever type of photography you are preparing for - a classic portrait or a business portrait, photography for a gift to a loved one or for a CV and social media profile - all you have to do is dress up, relax, indulge in a casual story with the photographer and enjoy. Now it seems much simpler in the end, doesn't it? And if you haven't already tried it or would like to try again - see you on the set! ☺
The Basis of Everything: Family Photography The Basis of Everything: Family Photography
The family, that little or big shelter of the most valuable wealth, is the basis of everything that life is made of. It is given to us at birth, later we create it ourselves, and so we play the biggest roles in life, as a mother or a father, a son or a daughter, a brother or a sister. The task of family photography is to intervene and document everything. ☺ The decision to start a family is up to us, and it is certainly not easy, especially not in today's unpredictable times. But one thing is for sure, one should not hesitate in the desire to acquire the priceless and greatest treasure. The family value system is extremely important for any society. Everything starts, is built and adopted from him. What is built in the family is passed on to future generations, and on the other hand to society itself. From love, understanding and respect, support and serenity, education and guidance of the youngest, fulfillment and happiness, harmony and common moments, creating family traditions, all the way to taking care to preserve a healthy and correct system of values in the most difficult moments which would overcome every problem and anguish, and keep the family together and in unity. The family portrait as a whole is a proof of unity and a certain value system. Whether it is a close or extended family, in a photo studio, some ambience in the exterior or in her home, this gathered group in front of the lens represents everything that will forever be remembered, all its characteristics and relationships between members, all feelings, smiles and games, and some of their secrets will surely be revealed, which of course will remain undiscovered. ☺ By affirming family photography, the aim is to encourage the best possible establishment and arrangement of the system of family values, which, somehow, the modern way of life has overthrown in some less important places. Being a member of the family and having your own family is invaluable, so accordingly, you should keep your treasure! ❤️
Another World: Black and White Photography Another World: Black and White Photography
One moment stopped in time - transformed into countless shades of gray, black and white - leaves behind impressive impressions of its existence. Any motif to notice, black-and-white photography, from its inception to the present day, undoubtedly arouses the admiration of the observer according to its visual representation. Mountain Tara Mountain Tara The absence of colors in photography gives countless possibilities for creating special stories and messages that it should definitely have. The creation of expressive compositions in black and white technique emphasizes the essence of the message, which is coded through the multitude of elements from which it is built. So light and shadows subtly shape the forms and textures with lots of details, thus conveying an accentuated image of a certain motif. Vienna, Austria Vienna, Austria The atmosphere of black-and-white compositions undoubtedly makes a great contribution to photography. The drama caused by puffy clouds or busy rivers of some landscapes, shadows of architectural works of various proportions and shapes, intense texture of different materials, expressive facial expression of portrayed that expresses both the deepest and hidden secrets and features of the model, are proof of the superiority of black and white technique in process of creating something higher, more explicit and more intense. With her technique, she creates her own world, a new reality that exudes an atmosphere full of magic and charm. Full of sophisticated, sensible and imaginative in itself, it gives a completely new dimension to our reality. So old, and on the other hand, a technique that absolutely fits into modern trends. She is certainly inviolable. Is it possible not to love her? ☺
Presentation of Professional Life: Business Portrait Photography Presentation of Professional Life: Business Portrait Photography
Whether we are preparing for an ordinary working day, a business meeting or a job interview, we always pay attention to our complete presentation, both professional and psychological, as well as physical. On the way to the goal to leave a good impression and achieve a successful result, a complex business presentation will certainly help us. For the needs of the modern business society, which the modern age imposes, the business portrait visually represents the professional life of one person in a comprehensive and best possible way. To design a business-business portrait, all the elements of a presentation are needed. The obligatory presence of a professional and psychological presentation will be largely manifested through a physical presentation, which will thus obtain a complex image of a businessman. Bearing in mind that the business portrait reflects the business, for its visual design are responsible primarily psychological terms, which are reflected in the overall body language, then dress code or business outfits, accessories and scenography. It is important to point out that all the listed elements are variable, depending on the desired effect, so it is possible to combine them. Thus, on the one hand strict business portraits base their composition on simple studio compositions in which the business personality of the person being portrayed is emphasized, with already established and recognizable corporate rhetoric, while on the other hand business portraits with a more casual composition tend to put the business atmosphere in a more relaxed context when business elements combine with everyday business. In both cases, the overall business atmosphere that presents professional life is indispensable and is of great importance. Business portrait sells our services with its composition. Whatever profession we have, we take photos for the needs of CV, internet presentation of the company or social networks, which are focused on business promotion, our visual presentation of professional life will reach potential clients, employers or business partners through a business portrait, and all in order to achieve good business results and a successful career. ☺
Shopping, a Favorite Activity for Many: Advertising Photography Shopping, a Favorite Activity for Many: Advertising Photography
Each of us, at least once in a while, desires that activity without which life cannot be imagined. In most cases, it is out of necessity, and sometimes it can be out of pure entertainment. The modern way of life, which seems to be accelerating every day, makes it impossible to take long walks through the shopping streets and sightseeing shop windows, and thus slowly but surely gives way to online shopping and shopping for consumer goods. Les Petites Chaudières, Paris Les Petites Chaudières, Paris Les Petites Chaudières, Paris Les Petites Chaudières, Paris Les Petites Chaudières, Paris Les Petites Chaudières, Paris In the sea of the global market, there are a large number of products from the same category of different brands and manufacturers, which significantly complicates our decision when buying. Advertising photography then enters the scene, which with its role strives for good marketing of the product and leading to its purchase. Whether as part of a marketing campaign or as part of an online catalog of an online store, it completely replaces a doll in a shop window and a shelf in a store, which promotes products in the best way. Shopping, although a favorite of many, can be quite a complicated activity. In the first place, we need to determine what we are buying, what we really need or what we seem to have noticed? A product of a certain brand, popular and trendy or less known? Will we choose models this season first, or can there be models from last year in the game? The color, material and composition should not be discussed, everyone chooses according to their taste and will. For example, when it comes to clothes and shoes, it is important to pay attention to how they look and are of good quality, and on the other hand, when it comes to food products, then the most important thing is that they are tasty and healthy. SMarT accessorize SMarT accessorize SMarT accessorize SMarT accessorize SMarT accessorize SMarT accessorize Shopping is an inseparable part of our everyday life. Whether it is needed or for pleasure, sometimes as a cure for a better mood or in order to surprise and make happy loved ones, it complements and fulfills our needs and desires. Advertising photography is certainly a good ally and right hand in this activity. ☺
Mmm, for Body and Soul: Food Photography Mmm, for Body and Soul: Food Photography
Are words needed here? Or would something bite right away? Maybe a few words pop up before all our senses are satisfied, or at least some. ☺ Food - that coordinated mixture of ingredients - is a daily human need, and therefore an unavoidable part of his daily life. It nourishes and entices, irresistibly requires more attention and time, not only in its preparation, but also in the very pleasure in it. Le Teniza restaurant Le Teniza restaurant Le Teniza restaurant Le Teniza restaurant The visual presentation of each dish is extremely important. The way it is prepared, arranged and served greatly contributes to its consumption, and thus to its enjoyment. Whether it is a salty dish or a sweet, it with its ingredients and textures, shapes and colors, as well as their coordinated relationship, creates its own image that entices the senses. Food arrangements will certainly be an inspiration for creating various photographic compositions. Draganica - domaća kuhinja Draganica - domaća kuhinja Slatko & Slatko Slatko & Slatko Carefully decorated and arranged food, along with other scenography motifs, contributes to its best presentation. Whether it is for the promotional needs of the menu of luxury restaurants or is in the service of the promotional material of a fast food kiosk, photography has an extremely important task - to present it in the best possible light. Full of challenges, food photography aims to show its defined shape and structure of ingredients, its edibility, which as a final element aspires to its successful placement, and then consumption. The skill of the master of the kitchen is translated into the image of a desirable bite. Draganica - domaća kuhinja Draganica - domaća kuhinja Draganica - domaća kuhinja Draganica - domaća kuhinja Whether it is just one of the necessary elements for survival or represents a real pleasure, depends on ourselves. Primarily as food for the body, many dishes - salty meals and sweets - have a role in other segments of human life where their participation contributes to the beautification of many situations, when it can become food for the soul. No ceremony could be without her, she is always there even when there is happiness and sorrow, in the role of a sign of attention to dear and loved ones. It nourishes, makes happy and provides consolation, satisfies the sense of sight, taste and smell. Salty or sweet - just choose the side and enjoy! ☺
Something Most Valuable: Children Photography Something Most Valuable: Children Photography
Running, jumping, crawling, teasing, tears and laughing - those little faces, which inevitably provoke most people to smile, are the inspiration to create a diverse and beautiful portrait composition. Children portraits got their place in the period of modern art, full of didactic messages depicting the joy and virtues of childhood. As portraiture as a theme has been developing, in parallel and in accordance with the development of the self, so in modern times small human beings are presented with all their characteristics and qualities. Photographing kids is full of challenges. The flow of photography depends largely on the child's mood and needs to be adjusted accordingly. As with adult portraiture, communicating between a portrayed child and a photographer is of utmost importance. Depending on the character of the child, whether he or she is free and communicative or closed-minded and shy, certain approaches and skills will be applied to successfully photograph. Depending on the character of the child, whether a kid is free and communicative or closed-minded and shy, certain approaches and skills will be applied to successfully photograph. Patience, relaxation and animation are the main advantages when photographing a child. They are unpredictable, and they can be curious, playful, scared and elusive. The desire to reach into their world full of fun and joy undoubtedly wake up a child within the photographer, getting down to their level, because working with them is an amazing, uncertain and exciting adventure. These sweet monsters dictate the rhythm that certainly should let go, and then control it and maximize it. In the end it always works! ☺ With or without toys, in an interior or exterior, sweet dwarves are their own human beings, they should not be changed. They are imaginative and they awakening imagination at others - so they create their owns portraits. Is there anything more valuable than them? ❤️
Love, Work, Life: Photography Love, Work, Life: Photography
Photographic camera - a magic box that packs different shapes and colors, states and emotions - stops the moment and memorizes it in its medium. That is the way how she creates her reality. Magic happens. She evokes two-way emotions, her relationship with the photographer is completely different from her relationship with the portrayed, and they complement each other and thus allow for a complex image. A powerful creation tool that provides love, enables business and makes life. Looking at the photograph through old family portraits, a curiosity for its creation and continuous learning about it led to a complete infatuation with her magical world, from the moment of her composing until its realization. During its creation there are emotions, elation and joy, as well as fulfillment for which the soul of every creator is seeking. Her incredible power to exist between the two worlds, the real and the mystical, completely occupied her attention and took her place in the heart. Photography is love! ☺ The combination of emotions, evoked by photography itself, the necessary knowledge and creativity, which are displayed and continually evolved, resulted in a complete enjoyment of photography and an absolute dedication to work that led to photographic professional waters. The pursuit of achieving high standards and quality in the realization of the necessary visual performances, for the sake of successful business, constantly encourages constant photographic improvement. Great satisfaction comes from satisfied clients whose photography contributes to a better and more successful private and business life. Photography is business! ☺ Practicing a particular profession determines in many ways the lifestyle, as well as the degree of pleasure and happiness in it. To live life to the fullest may be a phrase for a while, but when love and passion are linked to a job, it certainly carries with it a true meaning. Satisfaction and fulfillment are, as inseparable elements of a happy life, in every sense of the word achieved by connecting the love of photography with professional work. Photography is life! ☺ The magical world of photography with all its beauty represents the world that surrounds us and is certainly part of our everyday lives. Having won a special place in her heart, she stirs up energy that nourishes love and encourages courageous and unhindered stepping through her professional life.
Vividness at Every Corner: Travel Photography Vividness at Every Corner: Travel Photography
It's not easy to start a story, you don't know where to start and where to end it. It may be the best way to start from the beginning with the excitement that comes with going to the airport and getting on the plane. It's indescribable happiness when the plane of maximum speed succeed in height. The journey has begun. ☺ By the arriving at a certain destination, the process of creating a composition of travel photography was initiated. First of all, the sightseeing, and then the sense of space and atmosphere of the place being photographed, leads to its perception, which results to its visualisation. The creation of numerous composite solutions for travel photography was provided by the city on the roof of Europe and on the Baltic Sea coast, the city of Stockholm, the capital of the Kingdom of Sweden. Walking through its streets, exploring the architecture, nature, shapes and contours, it created a special impression that made travel photography possible. A city full of cultural and historical monuments has relentlessly lured a glance through Canon's viewfinder, in which a mix of sacred and profane, medieval and newer architecture full of color, along with the play of shapes and angles of city scenes, displayed one of Stockholm's main features - vibrancy at every corner. Thus, architecture, as one of the important representatives of the culture of a nation, shaped Stockholm giving it a note of a modern and traditional city full of vibrancy and serenity. City scenes, depending on the weather, get a new look and thus create a different image. In this regard, it should be noted that to create compositions of travel photographyweather conditions have an important role which in that way provide the final, and on the other side the current image of a certain place. Thus, by changing weather conditions and seasons, a city on the Baltic coast changes its character and thus creates a complete portrait of self. The capital of Sweden shapes its colorful portrait with its natural features. Due to its geographical location, the city on the roof of Europe has designed its structure according to a powerful ally such as the Baltic Sea. Formed of multiple islands, the city's core on the Baltic coast contributed to its vibrant appearance, and thus made it possible to create imposing compositions of travel photography. In addition to its natural features, Stockholm is completely woven with nature, which it has included as one of the important elements of its design. Landscape architecture, accentuated through numerous parks, arches, ornamental plants and leafy facades, adorns the Swedish capital, giving it its stamp of vibrancy. The composition of travel photography is complemented by the atmosphere that exudes a particular place. The way and style of living, as well as all the elements that are woven into the city structure for its functioning, provide an authentic image of Stockholm and its inhabitants. Thus, the metro and the bicycle, as a favorite means of transport for its residents as well as Fika, their favorite break for coffee and enjoying in the traditional Kanelbullar candy, are indispensable motifs of travel photography of Stockholm. Travel and photography are in perfect harmony. Each place, in its own way, gives photography numerous opportunities to create its image, and thus, through the photographic medium, displays its geographical forms and features, architecture, cultural monuments, symbols, people and customs. In that way photography visually shapes and memorizes it. In addition to its place in documentary travel photography, the image of a particular place has gained an expanded meaning and role in contemporary tourism campaigns, thus representing and promoting it to the general public. Photographing Stockholm for the shutterstock's online photo platform has enabled it to be promoted globally.
Welcome: Interior Photography Welcome: Interior Photography
The interior, in any kind of it to enter, you should first feel like to be welcome! The history of architecture and interior design shows that since ancient times man has paid great attention to the decoration of the space in which he resides, both private, residential, and public, or business space. From small apartment and small residential houses to spacious yards and palaces, from small offices to office buildings and complexes, it is arranged in a way that best suits the purpose and functionality of the space. Brzeće Center Apartments, Kopaonik mountain Brzeće Center Apartments, Kopaonik mountain Brzeće Center Apartments, Kopaonik mountain Brzeće Center Apartments, Kopaonik mountain Brzeće Center Apartments, Kopaonik mountain Brzeće Center Apartments, Kopaonik mountain The decoration of a particular interior begins with an understanding of the architectural and shaped space. The interior design determines the interior design and design itself. Interior design uses a given height and width, shapes and angles to maximize the space and for its purpose, so the design of the interior is so aligned with the architectural solution and is a function of the purpose of the space. Brzeće Center Apartments, Kopaonik mountain Brzeće Center Apartments, Kopaonik mountain Brzeće Center Apartments, Kopaonik mountain Brzeće Center Apartments, Kopaonik mountain Brzeće Center Apartments, Kopaonik mountain Brzeće Center Apartments, Kopaonik mountain Inspired by the architectural characteristics of the space, interior design tends to provide the main features of space such as functionality and comfort. The main features then guide the direction of furnishing the interior, depending on the purpose of the room and the premises, as well as the taste and desired style of the client of the interior design. Choosing the type of materials, furniture and other equipment, decorations, color representation, furnishing of the complete space affect the ambience itself, its comfort and the overall atmosphere of the space. Brzeće Center Apartments, Kopaonik mountain Brzeće Center Apartments, Kopaonik mountain Brzeće Center Apartments, Kopaonik mountain Brzeće Center Apartments, Kopaonik mountain Brzeće Center Apartments, Kopaonik mountain Brzeće Center Apartments, Kopaonik mountain Through the play of natural and ambient light and shadows, architectural units and shapes, angles and compositional solutions, photographing the interior of Brzeće Center Apartments on Kopaonik mountain emphasized above all their role as true representatives of mountain interiors. Feeling of functionality, comfort and comfort with the warm atmosphere of the living space is achieved by a good combination of materials, shapes and colors that distinguish modern mountain interiors and represent the very style of mountain life. Hiking and skiing can begin! Welcome! ☺ Living space, whether private or public, does not have to be of high luxury and a certain style, nor large in size, to give a feeling of warmth and comfort. The host's custom design and overall atmosphere makes for a warm welcome for both those who come and go and for those who stay.
Mirror of Self: Portrait Photography Mirror of Self: Portrait Photography
The observation of the human person, his character traits, facial expressions, body language and everything that characterizes a person draws a lot of attention to the lens. The first solo exhibition Mirror of Self, realized at the Gallery Gallery 78 in Belgrade in 2011, has just emerged from the great interest in portrait photography and several years of portrait studies. At the very beginning of the project, the emphasis was on models that are part of everyday life. It is important to point out that the aim of this study was to present portraits of models that are not part of public life and not accustomed to exposing themselves to the cameras, which would see the result of working with them. Such conception of the project idea leads to the universal story of portrait photography. Every individual, whether from public or private daily life, carries with it certain characteristics which determine and make his self. The self of the portrait model is the main motive of portrait photography. The starting point in working with models for exhibition Mirror of Self, as well as for any other portraiture, was communication between the model and the photographer. By getting to know, talking, drinking coffee, photographer comes to research and therefore the manifestation of all the features and characteristics of the portrayed. Sometimes through funny and joyful life stories from the life of a model and sometimes through imagined and sad moments that affect the release the self of portrayed model. Playing with character lines leads to special compositions that are packaged through the lens and memorized forever. Photographing portraits in the exterior gave a special note to the compositions of portraits for the exhibition Mirror of Self. Daylight as an excellent light source for photographing portraits in conjunction with the image of the city, on this occasion the image of Belgrade, provided a more vivid expression of the personality of the portraited models who, despite the curiosity of passersby, very well established the game with the camera. In addition to individual portraits, the self-personality of one personality is also expressed in group portraits. The manifestation of self in the society gathered for someone is an easy task while for another impossible mission. The task of the photographer is precisely to align each self in society so that no one is obscured and no one is overemphasized. Everyone presents themselves but in relation to each other. The wind in the back for the Mirror of Self project was certainly the fact that we gathered for group photography in the first proposed term. It was winter, cold and snowy day and there were no complaints. ☺ Portrait Photography is a mystical game that can lead to unfamiliar images. Observing how the character of portraited model changes in the specific situation and his reading is invaluable for portrait photography. Hundred stories are hundred faces of one person, hundred faces are hundred photographs of a portraited person and they are a mirror of his own self.
First Love Never Dies: Theater Photography First Love Never Dies: Theater Photography
The lights turned off and only calm, silence and distinctive scent of theater remained in the air. Excitement is growing. Before photographing the theater play, gaining insight into the topic of the play can be very helpful for its better understanding and perception of all the elements. A well-regarded performance makes good theatrical photography. The beginning of the show also advertises the beginning of a complex process of photography. Through a comprehensive observation of the scene, the photographer's personality is fully committed to the play. A sense of ubiquity has been created on the boards that life means. Of great importance is to follow the entire course of the play in order to memorize its most important segments. A theater play is a series of related and inimitable moments and depending on the performance it can be very dynamic. Concentration and speed in those moments become the photographer's best friends. Actors, as the main protagonists of the play, with their appearance on stage, become the main focus point in the composition of theater photography. Their acting, expression and style, artistic skills, emotions, overall posture fill the photographic frame. The actor’s portrait is creating. Kadri Özcan, Overcoat, 42th Festival of monodrama and mime 2017. Kadri Özcan, Overcoat, 42th Festival of monodrama and mime 2017. Kadri Özcan, Overcoat, 42th Festival of monodrama and mime 2017. Kadri Özcan, Overcoat, 42th Festival of monodrama and mime 2017. Kadri Özcan, Overcoat, 42th Festival of monodrama and mime 2017. Kadri Özcan, Overcoat, 42th Festival of monodrama and mime 2017. Depending on the theme and type of the play, a certain role carries with it a certain dynamic of the body that builds on the acting itself and its expression. Body movements are part of the overall theatricality of the actor and the play itself, so playfulness on the stage or forcing body position in one part of the stage are an inseparable part of any composition of theater photography. Marko Nektan and Lidija Antonovic, Dream-Vision, 43th Festival of monodrama and mime 2018. Marko Nektan and Lidija Antonovic, Dream-Vision, 43th Festival of monodrama and mime 2018. Marko Nektan and Lidija Antonovic, Dream-Vision, 43th Festival of monodrama and mime 2018. Marko Nektan and Lidija Antonovic, Dream-Vision, 43th Festival of monodrama and mime 2018. Marko Nektan and Lidija Antonovic, Dream-Vision, 43th Festival of monodrama and mime 2018. Marko Nektan and Lidija Antonovic, Dream-Vision, 43th Festival of monodrama and mime 2018. During a photo session of theater performances, motifs of scenography are as one of the elements that plays an important role for both the play itself and its image. The very ambience of the play and its form, design, interior and exterior, costumes, properties and special effects give the photo a decorative and complete representative frame. Katarina Orlandic, I am the bird, I am everything, 44th Festival of monodrama and mime 2019. Katarina Orlandic, I am the bird, I am everything, 44th Festival of monodrama and mime 2019. Katarina Orlandic, I am the bird, I am everything, 44th Festival of monodrama and mime 2019. Katarina Orlandic, I am the bird, I am everything, 44th Festival of monodrama and mime 2019. Katarina Orlandic, I am the bird, I am everything, 44th Festival of monodrama and mime 2019. Katarina Orlandic, I am the bird, I am everything, 44th Festival of monodrama and mime 2019. In process of photographing theater photography, photography touches on the art of theater. It is made up of all elements of the play and shows her expression and style, theme, artistic skills, overall artistic reach. In addition to the great role of the whole team, which is responsible for the theatrical performance, its visual memory is also due to the photographer, his personality, creativity and artistic affinities. The active search for good angles and frames plays a significant role in the more expressive and impressive presentation of content on stage. Take full advantage of all the elements of the show in the best possible way to confront and saving from oblivion, its representation and popularization within marketing campaigns. The theater play is getting its own photographic portrait. The curtain are down and the lights came on again. The expectation of a new experience in theatrical photography remains. From the first steps in the world of photography to the present day, theatrical photography deserves my great attention and occupies a special place in my heart. Confirmation of the fulfillment of dreams is certainly, among other things, a long-term engagement at the Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime. ☺
Challenging and Irresistible: Landscape Photography Challenging and Irresistible: Landscape Photography
The image of nature, as part of sacral iconography and profane compositions and as a theme, through the history of art and in the modern age, has attracted the attention of many artists and commissioners of art. In addition to its basic ideology and its place in private collections, the image of nature has gained an expanded meaning and role in modern national-political propaganda of national ideas and contemporary tourism campaigns, thus representing and promoting a particular tourist place with all its natural, historical, cultural and social characteristics. Process of creating an image of nature is very complex and consists of a number of elements. One of the most important elements for landscape composition is certainly the nature contours. By its geographical characteristics nature has shaped itself and thus has been determined. Peaks, hills, hillsides, meadows, seas, rivers and lakes, wildlife make a complex picture of nature, the characteristics of one space. Landscape photography requires a good sense of space and handling in it. Similar to the photography of architecture, interiors and exteriors, the sense of space and nature allows for a better perception of all its features and therefore a better visual presentation. Walking through the marked hiking trails at Tara mountain photographer holiday turned into a working vacation, or relaxing job. Who is guilty because I can't travel without my camera ?! ☺ Professional deformity or not, Tara has relentlessly challenged me with her characteristics. Whether in her open clearing or in the heart of her dense forest, she completely introduced me to her world and inspired me. In addition to orientation in space and understanding of nature, waiting for certain images made it possible to create special compositions of landscapes. New photography is inevitable! ☺ Tara mountain Tara mountain Tara mountain Tara mountain Tara mountain Tara mountain The feeling of space is certainly associated with a sense of nature and the rhythm of her breathing. The connection with nature at a given moment greatly facilitates the perception of all its features, advantages and disadvantages and therefore provides its better and more successful presentation. In addition to certain technical specifications of photography, the play of light and shadow, shapes and lines, different angles and focuses are of great importance for the composition of nature's image. Mountaineering on the Homolje mountains, also with a camera, has introduced me with this area and allowed me to take a picture of it. Uninhabited, winding hiking trails, scattered trees and hilly terrain gave the Homolje mountains rhythm and inspiration to create compositions of landscape photography. Homolje mountains Homolje mountains Homolje mountains Homolje mountains Homolje mountains Homolje mountains One of the elements that is of great importance for the composition of landscapes and builds on all the previous elements is the weather or weather conditions in the field. It is the weather that determines the final and the current picture of nature and a particular landscape. The experience of photographing on Kopaonik is an ideal example of the influence of weather conditions on the image of nature. Specifically, during her time at Kopaonik, photographing for Brzeće Center Apartments, nature showed me how challenging and overwhelming it can be. The sunny November day fulfiled of autumn colors was complemented by the foggy morning of the next day, which ended with the subjective impression of a snowstorm that gave this exciting mountain the winter white blanket the next day. Weather conditions are an inseparable element for building an image of nature as they give it a special note of its own. The weather creates its own unique image. It was overwhelming in the breaks between photographing the interior of the apartments to run and record the life of the mountain, a sunny day, a very thick fog that swallowed the wooded hillsides and, under the umbrella a snowstorm that was mesmerizing in the evening. The race for the images is the main feature of the photographing of Kopaonik. This very inspiring mountain definitely deserves attention and I will always be happy to come back, with my Canon of course! ☺ Kopaonik mountain Kopaonik mountain Brzeće Center Apartments, Kopaonik mountain Brzeće Center Apartments, Kopaonik mountain Kopaonik mountain Kopaonik mountain Each area is distinguished by its characteristics and beauty, and therefore nature needs to be given attention, explored, connected with and felt it. Use advantages and disadvantages, weather conditions when nature itself creates images and present the way you want. Magic will definitely happen. Landscape photography, that is nature photography, certainly contributes to the photographer's characteristics, his sensibilities and emotions. It is a great challenge for the photographer to photograph nature and very irresistible to capture her portrait.