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And winter has its own portrait: photography and winter wonderland

   When the temperature outside drops, cold winds start, the last leaves fall and dark and gray tones prevail, most of us want to stay in the warmth of our home with a cup of our favorite hot drink. At…

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The Holidays Are Coming: Photography in The Spirit of Celebration

   Another December has arrived, very quickly? The Earth must have accelerated, as if we had only recently said goodbye to that crazy 2020. Despite that, for many of us, December awakens the happiest feelings…

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A Photographer’s Diary: Outdoor Photography

   For the first working day after the Christmas holidays of the current year, a photo shoot of the apartment on Kopaonik is scheduled in the photographer's diary. The magic of winter holidays thus…

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Mirror of Self: Portrait Photography

   The observation of the human person, his character traits, facial expressions, body language and everything that characterizes a person draws a lot of attention to the lens. The first solo exhibition…

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Challenging and Irresistible: Landscape Photography

   The image of nature, as part of sacral iconography and profane compositions and as a theme, through the history of art and in the modern age, has attracted the attention of many artists and commissioners…

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